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So, horny guys out there, this week I’m writing a follow up about the straight builder massage.

I got a text from the builder saying he wanted to do another shoot. I said great and suggested the basement garage, so he popped over and we started the shoot. It was freezing in the garage and he was just in his underpants.  

When we came upstairs to my warm flat, I offered him a shower to warm up and asked if he wanted a massage. He declined the shower but accepted the massage; I was getting excited just from the thought. Again I told him to take his trousers and top off and lie down on the bed. I took of my trousers too, only wearing a tight T.I.M. vest and tight, white underpants. 

I started the rubdown of his muscular back, working his arms, his fingers, his thighs. When I pulled down his pants, he didn’t complain. I was getting braver and, while straddling him, I pushed my cock against his bumhole (still in my underpants, of course) while massaging his neck, and he didn’t complain.

OK, I thought, it’s now or never. I started massaging his bum more intently and pulled his underpants down to his knees. I circled my thumbs closer and closer to his hole, and I could feel the base of his penis getting harder. Whoop whoop, I thought to myself, I might be in for a chance here.


I separated his legs more and pulled off his underpants completely. He was in a sort of tense yet relaxed and at the same time hyper-excited trance. I spread his bumcheeks open, revealing the hottest little pink hole with a bit of fluffy blond hair next to it. I couldn’t stop myself any longer and dived in with my tongue, surprising both myself and the builder guy—but he didn’t complain.

I rimmed his hole, tasting the salty sweaty cheeks and licking down on his balls, reaching underneath his belly and pulling his rock-hard, big, uncut cock towards my hungry mouth. I started sucking it and he moaned with pleasure. After a while I turned him over onto his back and said, “Hi, Sexy.” He looked up at me all flustered, and in a shy voice said, “Hi.” 


I continued sucking him. His penis was sort of downwards-pointing but nice and thick. I wanted to taste some of that bumhole again so I pushed his legs up and started rimming him again, and he moaned. I put a finger in his bum and he got even harder, so I introduced another finger while wanking and sucking him off, hehe. It was sooo hot.

I asked if he wanted to taste my cock, which I had just pulled out of my pants while wanking. He said maybe not, but I took his hand and placed it on my cock and he wanked it curiously for a bit.

Again I continued fingering and sucking him off. I could tell he was getting closer and then he said, “I’m sorry but I think I’m going to cum.”

“Sure, Sexy,” I said. 

“In your mouth?” he said, surprised.


“Yes, please,” I said. He looked perplexed but with a huge sigh I pumped a huge load out of his cock, swallowing it all (and got some in my beard), hehe. It tasted so nice and sweet. Yum yum.

As he lay back, relaxing, I said, “So how was your first gay blowjob, then?” 

He looked up and said with a cheeky smile, “Very, very good,” hehe. But then he sort of caught himself and said, -“But don’t text about it.” 

I said, “No, of course not—it’s our little secret.” (Well, it sort of still is, hehe.) Then we got dressed and went to edit some photos. 

So, a very fun little incident, hehe. Hope you liked it, too.

Oh, and this week it’s the Berlin Porn Film Festival…. AWESOME!! Berlin slutty horny bb boys, watch out, ’cause Mr. Dickson is cumming to town (with Liam Cole).


Hugs – Anton

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