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When I was in the National Guard, I had been activated and temporarily stationed at Fort Carson. While there, I started chatting with a guy online, who happened to be stationed there also. After talking for awhile, and finding that he was a top, and I was a bottom, he invited me to his barracks room. I showed up at his room, and he was sexy, tall and lean.

The very first thing he said as I walked in was, “Get your clothes off, and don’t say a fucking thing!” As I undressed he said that the walls were thin, and I had to be quiet so nobody would hear what he was going to do to my ass. After I undressed, he turned me around, and pushed me backwards onto the bed. He positioned me so that my head was hanging off of the edge of the bed. He then dropped his shorts and for the first time I saw what I had gotten into. He wasn’t extremely long, about 7 inches,, but was extremely thick. He just said “open it”. I opened my mouth, and he laid the head in. I started sucking on it, tasting his musk and sweat. After a bit he started getting good and hard, and now he wanted to fuck. He would push his cock deep down my throat, so that I couldn’t breathe, and just fuck my throat hard. When I would start to shake my head and jump around, he would pull out just long enough for me to gasp for breath. He tore my throat up for about ten minutes, all the time I was gagging and sobbing, slimy spit running out of my mouth, snot coming out of my nose. I hated it, and loved it at the same time.

When he got tired of my mouth, he went to the other side of the bed, and pulled me to the edge. He lifted my legs into the air, exposing my hole. Then he asked “Did you bring lube?”, “No sir” I said. He said “Well that sucks for you”. Oh my god, I was going to have to take this thing, with just my spit as lube. He did add a gob of his own spit to my hole, before placing his head at my opening. Before pushing in he reminded me to keep quiet. Yes sir. He pushed my ankles back a little more, and I could feel his weight leaning into me. He stabbed around with his cock for a few seconds before that thick head, hit my soft pucker. When he found his target, he began to push with all his weight. My hole was burning so bad, and shocks of pain were shooting through me. I started grunting and bearing down. I panted “Please slow down, stop” He just kept pushing. Suddenly I felt his head pop into me. He did stop for a second, to spit on his shaft, and then with a big push, he was all the way in. With a loud moan, and grunt I protested. SHHHHHH he said. He then started pumping. He fucked me like this for about 5 minutes or so. I couldn’t be quiet. “FUCK” he said, “shut the fuck up” He popped his dick out of me, and went to the dirty clothes hamper in the corner. He pulled out a nasty pair of his underwear and shoved them in my mouth, and then got some duck tape to seal it in.

He then continued to rape my ass for about another hour, in all sorts of positions, finally blowing his load deep in me. After that, he pulled off the tape, and told me to get the fuck out. I got dressed, and limped back to my barracks, felling his juice run down my legs.

It hurt like hell, but I loved every minute of it.

Courtesy of CruisingForSex.

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