Introducing Jack Allen || Paul Morris’ Newest Big-Dicked Top


Today, Paul Morris is pleased to add top man Jack Allen to his roster of exclusive men. Allen made his T.I.M. debut in a solo scene for the studio’s jerk-off site,, in March 2011. Since then he has appeared in several scenes on as well as in the full-length video Manfuck Manifesto.

Currently Allen can be seen in Morris’ latest opus, Fucktards, engaging in mutual worship with fellow new exclusive John Dahl in a scene called “Praise the Lord,” and featuring as one of the merciless tops who fuck Jackson Taylor to oblivion and back in an all-night gangbang. 

A certified massage therapist who prefers to work naked, Allen is a dedicated top who uses sex as “a wild outlet.” That unselfconscious and unbridled passion not only caught Morris’ attention but made him keep inviting Allen back for shoot after shoot. 

After the two scenes for Fucktards, Morris knew he had to have Allen. “Jack Allen embodies everything we’re about,” said the bareback overlord and T.I.M. founder. “No matter what he’s doing—whether part of an orgiastic sexual energy mass or forming a deep, one-on-one bond with another man—Jack gives all of himself to every fucking experience. It’s a genuine pleasure to bring him home to the T.I.M. family.” 

The feeling is mutual. “I’d never want to fuck on camera for anyone else!” Allen declared. “Sex is the most natural thing in the world, and that’s how Paul makes his videos. He doesn’t try to create or force anything on screen—he just wants you to be yourself.”

Visit to learn more about Jack and all your TIM favorites.  Stay connected with Jack on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  



  1. Fags spewing hateful shit is so typical. HIV/AIDS is not something any man in our community should not boil down to a distorted belly or facial wasting. Sex between men and women and in porn in general has been raw, and “natural”. I converted after my BOYFRIEND told me he was negative, as I was at the time, only to find out he was lying. It didn’t matter to me, even then because at that point I was the condom Nazi. The SHIT part is that he would get me drunk while out and take the condom off, and I seroconverted. The point is no one deserves disease of any nature, for any reason. I assume those who are making the gross comments are men who thing that PReP or something else will protect your un-affected bodies and somehow make you more of a catch. If I heard you speak such nonsense I would punch you in the fucking face. I have a nice body, muscular beefy/furry ass and no wasting in my face, but Jack’s words and vibe is wrapped in compassion and a cultured kindness. I would love to spend time with him. Go BASH somewhere else, and stay mindful of what you say. The universe has this way of bringing our stuff back to us in the weirdest of ways. #DISTORTEDBRAINSARETHEREALDISEASE

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of watching a few of Jack’s films…over and over again. There is something sensual and seductive here and would give almost anything to spend a little time with him. I, too, would be interested to know if he works as an escort. Sign me up….please. ☺

  3. Just watching him in Cumwhore, fantastic………….loved him with long hair, love him now. Gorgeous hairy ass, which I wish he would open up for breeding too.

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