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Hey, horny guys.

This week I came across the Facebook page of a DJ I met a couple of times a few years back. I browsed around, a bit surprised to see his profile was still up as I’d heard, sadly, that he had passed away a few months ago. It became clear from the content of the page that it was friends of his posting things like, “Oh, I was at this amazing club, you would have really loved it, we miss you”, etc.—really sweet and kind messages.

But it got me thinking, and made me  kinda sad, what if all our lives end up being is a random bunch of messages and undeleted Facebook pages and profiles? When we die, do all our memories and learnt experiences disappear or do we manage to hold on to them somehow, wherever we go after?

I would hate to forget all the wonderful things life has brought my way and all the exciting things I have experienced over the years, so I thought I better start writing things down even more, before it’s too late, hehe. We should make the best of the time we have here on earth and have fun, lots of fun.


Oh, speaking of fun—this week has been filled with it. I sucked off a really big-dicked daddy guy in the toilets at the art centre close to my work, and met a really cute young doctor student I definitely want to see more of, so cute (spent a lovely evening spooning him up in front of the telly watching <em>Family Guy</em> before feeding him my cum).


My hubby also arranged a porn shoot in our living room, shot over two days. I assisted by doing stills photography, while awesome Joel Ryder was filming it. It a fun weekend but totally crazy, lol.

I’ve also done a few late-night test shoots with Liam Cole for our next music video. It will be really cool, I think; I’ll show you when it’s ready. And tonight I met am awesome fashion photographer I’d love to assist for his work. It would be cool to learn more.

And I saw our straight neighbors fuck like rabbits the other day through the windows. He’s very well endowed. I was sitting hidden behind our blinds, watching him fuck his girlfriend while wanking, hehe, horny, blush.

Oh and my new calendar is also out (for 2013). I might do one with images of me also, instead of the models I photograph. What do you think? Anyone interested? Would you want nude/hardcore or tamer pictures?


And guys, please delete my Facebook profile when my time is up, lol, or at least turn it into a website or something, if you want to keep the photos up (hehe, you naughty buggers—I know you… lol).

Till next week.

Hugs – Anton

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  1. You never forget and are never forgotten.

    And yes….put your hotness on the calender. Your fans want to make more good memories to take with them. ; )

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