CUMSLOPPY STORY || Happy Campers

It was my sophomore year of college, and my friends and I decided to go on a camping trip for the weekend. I wasn’t much for camping by they finally convinced me when they said we would all be sharing one small tent. I had not come out yet, but I definitely knew I was attracted to men.

Friday rolled around and the four of us hit the road. Blaine was definitely the most macho in the group, and he insisted on being the one to drive. He was on the football team, wavy blonde hair, tan, and muscular, pretty much every gay mans dream.

I had known the other two, Matt and Tony, since high school. Tony was on the wrestling team and was by far the most muscular in the bunch. His hazel eyes made me weak at the knees every time I looked at him. He was only about 5’7, but what he lacked in size he made up for with his monstrous cock, which I had seen many a drunken night at our frat.

We pulled up next to a river, and right away Tony and Blaine went off to look for firewood. “Hey Jake why don’t you put up the tent?” asked Blaine. I got the tent together, and I made sure to put my sleeping bag in the center of the three of us.

As night rolled around Tony toasted us a couple of Franks over the fire. As he handed it to me I wished it were his Frank that I was licking the juice off of.

Later that night we all squeezed into the tent. “Damn it’s hot out here. You guys wouldn’t mind if I slept naked would you?” Blaine asked.

“NO!” I said, a little too quickly.

Blaine and Tony smirked at each other, and shortly after we all decided that sleeping naked would be the best idea.

I squeezed in between Blaine and Tony, and I could feel their hard muscular bodies overpower me as I slid in. All of a sudden Blaine, who was on the right of me, turned to his left and I could feel his huge cock brush up against my ass.

“You like that, don’t you?” I was so stunned that those words had come out of Blaine’s mouth that I was completely speechless.

“We know you’re gay Jake, why do you think we rented such a small tent?” asked Tony.

“But I don’t understand…”

“Shut the fuck up Jake,” said Blaine. “I drove all of us out here and so help me god I’m getting some ass before the weekends over.”

With that Tony pulled me on top his thick muscular body, and Blaine laid on top of me, sandwiching me in between the two hot hunks.

Tony pulled me towards him and his tongue entered my mouth before I had a chance to hesitate. He buried his hand in my hair, and all of a sudden I felt a something wet touch my hole.

Blaine pushed his dick all the way into my virgin ass, and before I had a chance to scream Tony’s tongue entered my mouth, and our sweaty bodies pushed back and forth as Blaine’s huge thighs worked my tight ass as fast as it would allow.

“Damn, I want your mouth on my cock so bad right now,” Tony moaned as our tongues finally released from our steamy lip lock. He slid out from under me, leaving me on the bare ground, with Blaine’s huge juicy cock pounding my smooth ass.

Tony leaned against the back of the tent and pushed my mouth into his juicy, thick cock. “That’s it baby, milk it bitch.”

I had never sucked cock before, let alone swallow someone’s cum, but all of a sudden Tony’s cock shot out spurt after spurt of sticky, salty cum into my mouth. “I don’t want a drop hitting the ground, you hear me?”

Tony shouted in his deep manly voice.

“Oh yea I’m gonna cum!” shouted Blaine and right then

I felt his huge cock press inside me all the way, followed by the same sticky cum that was just shoved down my throat. “There’s a good boy, come on, take it all,” Blaine shouted.

After we were done, the three of us snuggled up together, sweaty, hot, and sticky, and exhausted. Tony grabbed my dick and jacked me off until my hot cum was spurting out, and then Blaine licked it off my muscular chest.

As I lay sandwiched between these two hunks Tony and Blaine kissed me all over, and promised me that this would be the first of many camping trips to come.

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