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OK, guys—so I had gonorrhea (yes, yes, yes – sexually transmitted diseases, what a pain, lol) a little while ago. It got treated and all was fine and, as a grand gesture, I decided to never have sex again, EVER.

As you can imagine, giggling to yourselves, that promise didn’t last very long. On my way from the clinic, after an “all clear” consultation with my flirtatious doctor (who, two weeks earlier, said he recognised me “from the movies” as he was poking around in my penis, while I was getting a hard-on because of the early morning appointment—but never mind that, lol. And I had a wank in the clinic bed while he was off talking to the nurse, *blush*), I passed by a local cruisy toilet close to work.

As my brain desperately tried to persuade me not to, my dick politely guided me inside the toilets. Of course, there was a hung hottie there with his wavering willy out, and I just had to go down on and suck him to completion. After wiping my beard I went back to my office. It wasn’t long before I got a text from a local regular, a horny Greek guy with a nice suckable cock, asking if my office toilets were free. I kindly obliged and, after he sucked me good, I dumped a load on his eager, bearded face.

Back at my desk I thought to myself, ‘Honestly Anton, this has to stop. You seriously can’t be this horny all the time!” Then lunchtime came and my feet walked me to my sandwich shop, but they didn’t lead me into it. No, instead they led me to a faraway pub where Grindr had shown me a horny young bottom lad who had just got a nice load up his hole and wanted it licked out.

The cubicle door’s bottom edge was high up and I’m sure some of the guys in the urinal close by must have seen my knees on the floor as I licked his horny boyhole, but I didn’t care. His sweet, dripping cumhole was so tasty. I couldn’t reach far enough for the juicy bits, so I decided to dick it into him deeper instead, hehe. I pulled out my rock hard cock and pushed it all inside his juicy hole. He breathed in quickly, as if in pain, but still pushed his bum back towards me, eager for more. I obliged, and fucked him good till he shot a load all over the dirty floor. I pulled out, zipped up my pants, kissed him goodbye and left him to wipe up the mess on the floor, hehe.


I totally forgot to get lunch so by the time I finished work, I was starving. As I was walking rapidly towards the shop next to my flat, I locked eyes with a handsome bearded guy at the bus stop close to my building, I nodded towards the door and he followed a few steps behind me.

As I knew my flatmate was home, I led him down to the large, empty basement garage and we started kissing passionately in a dark corner of it. I was so horny already from all the day’s action, I couldn’t help but wank while kissing him. And so did he—he came all over my trousers at the same time as I came on his shoes. “Damn it,” he said, “my shoes.” I tried to wipe it up with my hands but made it worse, lol. I’m not a natural cleaner, *blushes*.

I let the guy out the back entrance of our building. He smiled and said I owed him a new pair of shoes. “What about my trousers, boy?” I said, lol.

Upstairs my flatmate asked how my day had been. “Just the usual boring day at the office,” I said (and smiled to myself, hehe).


Till next week.




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  1. Hey Anton….Fuck man had a couple of scares myself. I swore I would try to be more careful. But then the itch in my pants quickly led me back into the wonderful world of sex. So as the true bottom cum and cock slut that I am, I was back on my knees sucking dick. Once again enjoying sucking dick and swallowing hot loads. And like I always say….A stiff cock has no conscience. Fuckin hot adventures man. Love the London cumpig stories. Keep the stories cumming.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah the force in the dicky wicky is very powerful lol, and we love it! May the force be with and in you hehe
      Hugs anton

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