CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Knows Just How I Like It

I woke up earlier than usual this morning and checked my mail. I got one from my fuck buddy saying he was home alone today and wondered if I could come over. I instantly started scheming on how to get away to meet him, being married makes getting away tough. Then I thought, it’s early, no one will be awake for an hour or two. I chatted with him for a few minutes and asked if I could make an early visit. He said to get cleaned up and be there. When he said, “cleaned up”, I knew he wanted to fuck me and damn I loved the way he topped me. I was in and out of the shower in a flash and on my way.

He opened his door and shut it behind me and immediately put his hand on my shoulder, urging me to my knees. I didn’t need much encouragement. I knelt and unbuttoned his shorts, letting his already half hard, uncut cock spring out. Five seconds later I was taking as much of him in my mouth as I could, playing with his balls, licking, stroking, all the things he liked and made him get off. After only a couple of minutes of me thoroughly enjoying his dick, he said, “Get naked and go to the bedroom.”

On his bed were a couple of towels and a packet of lube, damn what a lucky morning for me. I ripped the lube open and started putting a few drops on my fingers and rubbing my hole with it. He told me to suck him some more while I got my ass ready for him. I knelt and took him back in my mouth while I lubed and tried to loosen my hole for him. His cock was long and thick and it was always a test to get it in me. While sucking him I eased two then a third finger in myself and felt my ass relaxing a little. I wanted to show him how bad I needed his cock so I asked him to sit on the bed and let me fuck myself.

He lay down; I lubed that beautiful big shaft up and started sitting on it. When the head popped in it took my breath, as usual. He mentioned he liked to hear my breathing ragged. I kept easing up and down until I felt him hit bottom. His cock was the perfect length in that when it’s all the way in, he hit bottom. It’s a feeling hard to describe, it hurts a little but in a good way. After fucking myself on his cock for a bit, he lifted me by my hips until he slipped out of me and told me to get on my back. I knew what was coming and jumped in position. He put my legs over my shoulders, lined his cock back up with my hole and leaned forward, burying himself completely in me. Damn what a feeling. He fucked me sound and deep for probably 10 minutes. He has great control and slowed down a couple of times when he got close to cumming.

Next he told me to get on my stomach, this was the position he liked to cum in and he knew I loved the feeling too. I laid flat, face down, and he again put that huge cock in me and started sawing in and out. He lay down completely on top of me and started talking in my ear telling me how good my ass felt, what a good cum slut I was. I started talking dirty back to him, telling him just how good he was opening my hole and knocking the bottom out of me.

He started pumping faster and deeper and asked me if I was ready for his load. We’ve known each other for years and have been barebacking for a while; he knows there’s nothing I love more then him pumping deep in me. I started asking, and then begging for his cum. He fucked me the hardest he ever had for a minute or two more, then went deep and started growling. I could feel his cock jerking, and it lasted longer than usual, as he pumped me full of his juice.

After he finished, he ground around for a minute, making sure all of his cum was in me and pulled put. I felt his load start running out of my hole and down my balls, nothing else in the world feels that good. I tightened up my ass to keep the rest of his jizz in me, dressed and left. I went home and lay on the couch and relaxed, feeling his leftovers trickle out of me.

What a great start to a nice Saturday.

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