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Hey, horny fuckers.

Let me tell you about a horny fuck I had a couple if years ago in my old architects office. I had been working on a new residential extension for a while and decided to stay late to finish the 3D model of it. At 8 pm sharp, the door to our small (5 desk spaces), open-plan office opened and a handsome young Latin man stepped in. I must have looked really surprised as he quickly blurted out, in broken English, “I’m the cleaner’s son, I clean now!”

I smiled coyly and said, “Sure, you do that.” He started organising his things—tidying up the desks, empty the bins, etc.—and I continued drawing, desperately trying to concentrate on not staring at his hot bum when he bent down to turn on the hoover, hehe. 

As it happened, he caught me looking at his bum and shyly smiled at me. I asked if he was ok, as he seemed to be having problems switching on the designer hoover. “I can’t find button,” he said.

I went over and stood next to him (he was on his knees in front of me, looking up). “Hm, try this one,” I said, putting my  hand deep inside my pocket and squeezing my throbbing cock (I admit it was like some sort of cheesy porn set-up, lol).

He looked up at me and grinned. Then, to my surprise, he daringly reached out and touched my crotch. Wow! I wasn’t going to leave him hanging so of course I pulled out my big cock. He leaned forward straightaway and swallowed the whole thing in one go (he certainly knew how to deepthroat, that’s for sure, hehe).


After letting him suck it for a while, I pulled him up and started kissing him passionately. He was so passive and submissive to me, I loved it, hehe. I stripped him totally naked and sat him on my office desk (clearing off some drawings with one dramatic swish of my hand, hehe). I was still in my suit shirt and trousers, with my cock out.

I pushed him backwards and he put up his legs on either side of me at the edge of the table, spreading his legs wide and revealing this perfect little pink hole with some whisks of dark hair on the sides. I didn’t wait for a written invitation and dived straight-in with my eager tongue, licking him real good until he was moaning with pleasure.


Then I stood up and started teasing his butthole with my precummy cock, which felt sooo good. I was hesitant to push it into him, holding back, but he was pulling me towards him with his legs. When he mumbled, “Fuck me,” I couldn’t stop myself and pushed into him slowly. His hole was so tight and I could see he was in pain but I kept pushing in. After a while he loosened up a bit and I started pounding him good, harder and harder.

The cleaner boy started wanking his horny cock. Not long after, he shot a horny load of hot, thick cream all over his chest. I started cumming inside of him, then pulled out and sprayed the rest over his body and face. I hadn’t cum for a week so there was a lot of it, hehe.


I pulled him up towards me and we kissed again. Then he got dressed, smiled, and said, “I must clean now.” I laughed and nodded approvingly. I finished off my drawings and we left the office together, holding hands. Never saw him again.


Till next week.




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  1. Fuck Anton…I wish I worked in your office….Sounds HOT. I would love to be the office slut.

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