CUMSLOPPY STORY || Internal Swell

My top fuck buddy did something different, and damn it felt good. I went over after he texted me saying he was ready. He opened the backdoor wearing just a shirt. When I walked through the door past him I couldn’t help but fondle his cock which was already half hard. I kneeled inside the door like usual and licked and sucked him for a few minutes. Then he urged me back to my feet and followed me to the bedroom.

Once inside his bedroom I stripped immediately and saw the bottle of lube he left out whenever I was coming over. That told me I was in for another great fuck. He lay on the bed and I got between his legs. I really enjoy sucking him and working to get as much of that long shaft as I can in my mouth. After working him over with my mouth for a few minutes he told me to get the lube and make my hole ready for him. I thought he’d never ask. I slicked up a couple of fingers, rubbed them over my hole, slicked them up again and eased them in my hungry ass. I worked them around, enjoying the feeling and trying to loosen my ass up a little for him. You’ve heard me say he’s hung and that’s no joke. If he was one inch longer or thicker, I honestly couldn’t take him.

After lubing myself I got on my back and he kneeled at my ass. His cock had softened a little but instead of working it back to full hardness like he usually does, he said, “I’m going to put it in soft and let you feel it swell.”

He eased the head in and it fit much easier than usual. It felt good but not in the intense, on the edge of pain way that his entry usually does. He pushed forward as I relaxed my hole and most of his shaft went right in. He kind of stirred around in my hole for a minute and I think I could actually feel him swelling. A really odd feeling but damn what a turn on. He eased back and then thrust forward again. Only this time his cock felt twice as big. It was like the initial entry that he knows I get off on all over again. He stirred some more, eased back out, and again when he thrust forward it like the first entry. I realized I was grunting and moaning and begging him to fuck me but he kept up his game. Stirring a little, a slow pull back, then a hard thrust into me. For two or three minutes his cock slowly grew to full hardness, and I got what I felt like were half a dozen new entries.

By the time his cock was at full attention and he started fucking me, I was already ready to cum. I guess all my moaning and begging had gotten him horny too because when he started fucking me, he was really fucking me. Slamming every bit of that wonderfully thick cock in my hole. He put one hand on each of my legs and pushed them back against the pillow, leaving my ass raised and wide open. He lifted himself and really started pounding into me. I could feel him hitting bottom on every stroke and it hurt so good. He tagged me for a good five or six minutes like that, really turning me out. Then he got faster for a few strokes, went balls deep and ground his cock in me while he came. I always loved the feeling of his cock pulsing as he bred my hole. The noise he was making told me he had enjoyed this good fucking as much as I had.

After making sure his cock was empty, he eased out and I could feel his cum running like a river out of my stretched hole. I didn’t walk right for a few hours after that railing but I didn’t care.

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  1. Nothing like mixing it up and opening a hole with a semi. Usually makes the boys sweat. Which I love to do.

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