CUMSLOPPY STORY || Barebacked Again

I have to tell you about my experience last night. After spending a really nice NYE with friends, I decided to go back to the bath house and see what New Year’s would be like there.

The whole way there, I was thinking about my last visit, which was my first bareback fuck, and I wondered if this experience would be like the last, or would I completely strike out and end up just going home. The last time I was there I was also really drunk and while this visit I was feeling really good, I was far from as drunk as I was the time before. I arrived there late (or early, however you want to look at it) at about 5 A.M. this morning. From the outside the place looked packed and I hoped I would be able to get a room. Once inside I find out I was able to get a room and after paying, I went in search of my room – and whatever else there is.

Rock-hard all the way through the building, I found my room, locked the door, and sat on the bed. I could hear the guys in the room next to me fucking. It sounded like the bottom was getting fucked really well, and naturally that only made me harder. Taking a deep breath, I undressed, and after a hit of poppers, I unlocked the door. This trip I decided to stay in my room and let the guys come to me. So, laying on my stomach, my face towards the door, I kept watch on the guys parading up and down the hall way. The poppers were starting to work and I was hornier by the minute as I waited to see if someone would come in. A guy walked past my open door. He did not stop but kept walking, then he was back and rubbed the front of his towel, walked-in, closing the door behind himself.

CSS Barebacked Again

Saying “Hi”, he stood in front of me and took-off his towel, revealing a thick, cut cock. I looked up into his eyes and he grabbed the top of my head, pulling my month onto his cock. Instantly I could taste his precum (which was utterly delicious) and wondered if I was the first guy or tenth guy with whom he had played that night. His cock tasted extremely good and I sucked him as he moaned, more precum leaking from his cock. He started to reach around and play with my ass. I loved it when he started to gently finger my hole and all I could do to acknowledge my interest in his attention was to moan, his cock still in my mouth.

CSS Barebacked Again After sucking for awhile he pulled away and climbed onto the bed. Then he did something that I was not expecting: leaning over, he spread my cheeks and started to rim me. I moaned like crazy. It felt unbelievably good. All to soon he stopped and I could feel his cock riding along my crack, his cock head aiming at my hole. We never talked about a condom and at that moment all I could think about was having that thick cock slide into me. I raised my ass to meet him; his cock head slid into my waiting hole and without further ado he was all the way into my ass. I took another hit of the poppers and readied myself to be fucked. He started to talk to me saying “You have a really nice tight ass” and “I’m gonna pound your ass” as well as saying other remarks that I can’t recall at this point.

CSS Barebacked Again

All I could do was to moan, his cock deep in my ass. He lay on top of me and started to talk in my ear asking “Where do you want this load?” to which I replied “Pull-out and cum all over my ass.” He replied “No, I think you want me to breed your ass.” Now, in truth, I wanted that and didn’t want that – at the same time, but the later won out and I told him to pull out. He repeated his question, and again I said “Pull-out.” I could tell from his heavy breathing that he was close. He started to fuck me faster and harder and saying “You ready? ‘Cause here it cums!” And at moment I felt the head of his cock enlarge as he shot his load into my ass! With that I came, my ass muscles trapping his cock and milking the rest of his cum deep into my ass.

After a few minutes he pulled-out and quietly left my room.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.


  1. I was the top in this story last night at a bathhouse here. Beautiful young greek guy loved my fat cock and my load.

  2. I love getting barebacked. I thinks it’s hot when a top pretends to put on a condom and actually slip his bare dick deep inside me.

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