01-30-13 TIMJack Exclusive Scene || LEO DOMENICO

LEO DOMENICO. Now on TIMJack.com.

COCK: 7″
HEIGHT: 5’11”
EYES: brown
HAIR: black
AGE: 25
TURN ONS: “Leo sandwich! Big cock up my ass while I’m pounding a tight pussy”
Director: Liam Cole

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  1. Won’t be watching any more solos here, if they are going to be like this. This is by far the worst thing TIM as ever put out. I am a huge fan of everything TIM, but not fucking gay4pay, especially accomodating them with straight porn. He’s not that fucking hot. There are hundreds of gay guys 10x hotter!

  2. Yuck. If they can’t get off to TIM porn. Then they shouldn’t be doing TIM porn. Why do we accomodate these boring straight guys when there are so many hot gay fuckers. Keep them in the closet, I don’t want to know. Total buzz kill!

    1. Hey Colorful Kent,
      I think this are suppose to be a lead us into thinking this guy, whom has done some gay porn was a first time straighter, looking to makes some quick cash, by jerking off for us while watching straight porn. I personally think, the gay guy going into porn would be a hot thing, but wonder, do gay men really seek out going into gay porn? I see more straight guys breaking down the gay for pay door everyday, with more of the benefits of pay and more of the headliner theme that our gay counterparts.

      1. I had a thought the other day about coming back in my next life as a gay pornstar. Then I thought, No, I’d have to be straight!

        1. I just wonder are more gay men going for the porn roles, or have a problem with gays performing in gay movies. Hey man, If you do become a straight guy in a gay porn movie, I’d let you take a crack at me. ; )

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