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There I was, lying there in my nakedness when my roommate arrived home from a hard day’s work. I was so turned on I nearly got caught masturbating. There was something about my roommate, Jacob that really turned me on. Maybe it was his dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. Or maybe it was his nicely tanned and toned (jock-like) body. Whatever it was, I lusted after him. Some nights it got as bad as me sneaking into his laundry hamper and smelling his dirty clothes. Of course they didn’t stink. They smelled of man and musk. Oh, how I loved that smell.

Anyway, later that night, I was so turned on, I had to masturbate and think of his hard body taking advantage of mine. Then, a knock at the door interrupted my trip down fantasy lane. Instantly, I dressed myself and answered the door. It was Jacob.

“I’m missing some laundry and wanted to know if you’ve seen any of it.”

I knew I was screwed. The only thing I could do was lie. “No I haven’t seen any. Sorry.” I knew I had a pair of his black boxer-briefs hidden underneath my mattress. But, he didn’t.

“Just checking.” He replied, exiting my room.

I closed the door and sighed the biggest breath of relief. He knocked again. This time, my heart nearly skipped a beat.

“Hey. I have a question. Are you gay?”

His tone was serious.

“Yes I am. I hope that doesn’t bother you.” I was so embarrassed.

“Not at all. I just heard some guys in Physics class asking about it. But, now that I know, why don’t you come over here and suck this dick?” He asked as he gripped his package through his pants.

I was absolutely speechless. The guy I had wanted for so long is offering me the chance of a lifetime, and I wasn’t about to turn it down. I dropped to my knees in front of him and watched as he unzipped his faded jeans, exposing a tight pair of white boxer-briefs enclosing a massive bulge. At first, I teased him with my tongue along the lining of his underwear. It wasn’t until he unwrapped his 9-inch Italian cock that I began to show him the wonders of not having a gag reflex. With each deep stroke of my mouth and throat, he let out a soft moan. I could taste his hot pre-cum against my tongue, which turned me on more than I already was. I took my cock out and began jerking as I sucked him off. He then lifted me up by my hair.

“Get on the bed, and bend over!”

Not only did I like forceful men and dirty talk, but I loved having my hair pulled and being roughed around. I could not have prepared myself for what I was in store for. He began fucking my tight, hungry ass hard and deep, with those smooth, tanned balls slapping my ass with each thrust. I could feel my tight hole milking his cock. Mmm, it felt great. I could tell he was close to cumming when he started pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and pulling me down on his dick. Then it happened. He squirted his hot cum in my ass, leaving his cock in me once he was done.

“Cum for me, bitch!” He whispered in my ear.

Fuck, I loved his dirty talk. I jerked and began squirting cum all over my bed. My hole began to pulsate and his still hard cock.

“Yeah that’s it. Drain that dick.”

And, then it was over. I had never had such an awesome experience. I finally fucked the man of my dreams. Or should I say, he fucked me!

Courtesy of StickyPen.

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  1. Hey nothing better than a hot guy talking dirty, fucking you rough, and shooting his hot load deep inside your hole.

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