CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Craving

I’ve always been turned on by the thought of being fucked by an anonymous guy. The thought of being completely unaware of who just bent me over and thrust his cock inside me was a massive turn on, especially as I live in a smallish town, and it might be someone I bump into in the street, him knowing, but me being unaware. Unfortunately personal circumstances meant I couldn’t host any meets, but that changed one summer when I had the place to myself for a week. I wasted no time going to my favorite hook-up sites and trying to set up this little scenario of mine. Things were slow at first, a few offers, but nobody seemed perfect for the anonymous meet.

Then I got talking to a guy on one site. He fit the bill. He lived a 5 minute walk from me, was keen to top me and was a couple of years older than me. Other than those details and his username I new nothing about him, he had no profile pic and most of the info on his profile was left blank. We got chatting, he seemed friendly and he loved the idea of an anonymous meet, so I laid out the plan. I’d give him my address, he’d come round, enter the back door which I’d left unlocked, come through to the living room and he’d find me there on all fours, slightly lubed up and ready for action, blindfold securely in place. The issue of protection had popped up, and I had been reliably informed that my contact had plenty of condoms and would bring some, without me even needing to ask him to, so that was that sorted out.

His last message was to say he’s leaving the house and expect him in 5 minutes, and there I am 5 minutes later, on all fours, small amount of lube on me, blindfold on and waiting. And waiting. 5 minutes turned into another 5 minutes. I was beginning to get uncomfortable and annoyed I’d been stood up when I hear the back door open. Must’ve got lost on the way, I never found out, judging by the cautious way he moved into the living room I guessed my directions hadn’t been very good, but never mind, he was here now.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Craving

I heard him take his shoes off, unbuckle his trousers, slip his jeans off and drop them on the carpet closely followed by his boxers. He’s on his knees now behind me, hands running over my body, though not touching my cock which I take as a good sign, he’s there to fuck. I feel his hand brush my cheek now and again which I took to be him stroking himself hard, then he spits, on his hand then rubs it on my hole and the rest on his cock, guess the lube I put on didn’t look enough to him. He fingers me a bit, first one finger then two, but by now I can feel his hard cock brush me, and then I feel him press it up against my hole. He rubs it around for a bit, decides the moment is right, then plunges in. I LOVE the feeling when the cock first goes in, there’s the little bit of me that says ‘is this a good idea?’ and then the larger bit that says ‘shut up and take the cock.’. He pauses for a bit, before taking 5 or 6 quick thrusts, but he obviously didn’t like the pace so he pauses again and when he starts thrusting again it’s a bit slower. Good I thought, he’s taking to time to make sure he enjoys it, his prerogative.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Craving

So we go on like that for a little while, he’ll thrust away, sometime deeper, sometimes faster, for a few minutes. I could tell he was holding back slightly because I couldn’t feel him pressed to hard behind me, he had a bit more length to give, but didn’t want to go to deep, knowing his own limits perhaps. But as we go on I notice his breathing getting heavier, I start to moan slightly myself, getting caught up in things now. Then suddenly he pauses mid thrust, the breathing stops and bang, he thrusts in as deep as he can, so deep he’s practically putting his whole weight into pushing forwards and he lets out a loud grown, the first things he’s uttered all night. He wiggles his hips, moving what I now know to be quite a long cock about inside me. We’re lying there like that for what seems like half an hour as I hear his breathing slow down.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Craving

At this point I was pretty pleased with myself, he must’ve enjoyed it if he’s taking so long to pull out right? Must mean he’s expended a lot of energy, I was even starting to get worried he might have enjoyed it so much he wanted to stay and ruin my anonymous fun. But no, as soon as I think that he gives one more thrust with his softening cock, slips out and I hear him immediately go for his clothes. I hear him leave and wait a minute, just to make sure I don’t succumb to the curiosity to take a peek at him through the window as he leaves.

I then realized that the warm feeling where his cock had been was still warm and seemed to be moving towards my hole as I stood up, I look around and realize there’s no condom or condom wrapper lying there, just the towel I laid down to lie on and the towel I left in case he needed it. I squat down and push, nothing, push harder, nothing, I was a bit panicked at this point, my heart was pounding. Pushed one more time and there it was, a thick wad of cum comes out of my hole. I didn’t know what to think. The fucker had stealthed me good, he made sure to cum as deep as possible so he could be away long before I found out. I felt pretty humiliated that I’d been tricked, but I also felt aroused knowing it had happened, and was curious about it happening again.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.

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