Gay Men, Searching for Hot Sex, Get the Shaft

Gay Men, Searching for Hot Sex, Get the Shaft

By Ashley Harrell for SFWeekly.

If you happen to be on the gay hook-up site, and you come across the screen name ffsickwithit, be warned. Meet up with this guy, and he’s likely to suggest you take some GHB to make the sex good, but then you’ll pass out. When you wake up you’ll definitely have been fucked. Just not in the way you wanted to be.

All your stuff will be gone.

A San Francisco Police search warrant tells the story of two subscribers to (owned by Wet Media Inc.) who both met up with ffsickwithit for sex, took his GHB, and got robbed. The first victim agreed to meet ffsickwithit on Castro and Market Streets, then brought the stranger back to his home.

Ffsickwithit asked the victim if he wanted to enhance their sex with some date rape drugs, and the victim said sure. Ffsickwithit mixed some GHB in with Diet Coke. The victim drank it, but felt nothing, and the suspect mixed in some more.

Almost immediately after finishing the drink, the victim began to feel sick. He went to the bathroom, threw up, and passed out. That was around 2 a.m. At 6 a.m. he woke up with a massive hangover and laid in pain for about 20 minutes. When he finally got up and left the bathroom, he found his home had been “trashed.”

Gone were his wallet, cell phone, laptop, leather jacket, cash, and leather gloves.

Bizarrely, a set of keys belonging to ffsickwithit remained. Those got booked into evidence.

The SFPD investigators also found finger prints at the victim’s residence belonging to a man on parole for burglary. For whatever reason, though, the victim didn’t recognize the parolee in the line up.

Then the second victim came forward. He had met ffsickwithit on and invited him to his hotel room for sex. Again, the stranger whipped out the drugs, and that’s the last thing the victim remembers doing before he passed out. When he woke up, the victim realized he was missing a laptop, two phones, a passport, a checkbook, credit cards, an iPod, a camera, a North Face backpack, and $600.

This victim did recognize the parolee in the line up, so you may not be at risk of encountering ffsickwithit on anytime soon. But wasn’t our lead scary!

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  1. Stealing shit is fucked up crackhead shit and is un-cute and pathetic … BUT really have some personal responsibility…. PUT AWAY UR VALUABLES if you plan on having strangers that you meet over to fuck you! DIDN’T YOUR MAMA TEACH YOU THAT?

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