CUMSLOPPY STORY || Satisfying My Hunger

Late night at work. I was really horny, and kept checking adam4adam to see if there was anyone there to give me some relief. There’s a lot of crap there, but every time I looked at the pics of those hot guys — those really muscled guys with big, hard dicks with big mushroom heads — I only got hornier. At around 6 pm, I got a message from this guy I had messaged before but who didn’t respond that time, so I figured he wasn’t interested. This time was different.

Our exchange was remarkably short. He asked me what I was into. I said that I liked most things, but I loved to get fucked. Cool, he said, and asked me where I would like him to cum. I looked at his picture again and said, You can dump your cum wherever you want — on my back, in my face, or in my ass.

It turned out that he lived only ten minutes away from where I worked. I could walk there, get fucked, and come back to work with cum dripping out of my ass in thirty minutes. My stomach was clenching — I wasn’t a virgin by any stretch of the imagination. It was that this was what I wanted so bad. I wanted to be fucked and bred by a hot stranger. I knew I would panic after the fact. But I wanted cum in my hole. I wanted a stranger’s cock moving in his cum in my hole.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Satisfying My Hunger

For once, the pictures and the man matched. I was inside for less than a minute before he was kissing me hard, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth, fucking my mouth, fucking my heart, my insides. We went to his bedroom. I quickly took off my clothes and he did his. It was dark — I groped his cock and felt my butt clench. His cock was hard, cut, perfect. I could feel the bulbous head hot in my hand. It was just as long as he advertised. I knelt down, of course, and took it in my mouth, swallowed it as far as I could and feeling it choke me. He moaned.

Then we got on the bed. He was playing bareback porn on the computer. The groans and “Harder! Harder!” and “Stick that in, yeaah” were a surreal, almost eerie soundtrack. I was already on my back and my legs were spread. “Yeah,” my man muttered, “yeah,” again, as he spread lube over my cock, my ass, his cock. Then he took out poppers, and offered me some. I sniffed them eagerly.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Satisfying My Hunger

The first entrance was painful, and I cried out and twisted off his cock. He offered me more poppers and put more lube on his cock. My ass was still stinging, but I was hornier than ever. My hole needed cock, needed cum. I felt his stiff cock slipping around my hole, jabbing too high, too low. I tried using one hand to guide it in. It didn’t work. I was desperate — I used both my hands around his big, cut cock and tried to work it into my hole. “Yeah,” he moaned; he must’ve thought I was a total cock whore, and at that point, I was. He pushed it and I could feel it tunneling deeper, deeper into my center, the place that isn’t content unless a man’s cock is pummeling it.

We fucked missionary for a while, him humping me until he got so worked up that he lifted my hips and rabbit-fucked me from below. I whimpered like a slut. Then he pulled out and turned me over. “Yeah,” he muttered as I pulled my ass apart and worked my hole on his cockhead, worked it down until he was all the way in. “Want this load?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said and humped back.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Satisfying My Hunger

That was all he needed to hear. He began to hump deeper and deeper, pushing me harder into the bed. And then I felt it: pulse after pulse of warmth, filling the slick space between his cock and my rectum, coating my insides with his naked sperm. He relaxed on top of me, humping slowly, before pulling out.

Later that night, I couldn’t help sending him a message on adam4adam asking if he was sure he was neg. “Yep; you?” he replied. But before I could respond, his user name became deleted. It seemed a strange move. It seems, maybe, that he was hiding something, something that’s still leaking out of my cummy hole as I type.

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