CA. Tax Payers Pay For States Porn Problem


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California taxpayers will be happy to learn that a three-year-old Cal/OSHA bareback complaint against Treasure Island Media reached its climax last week when Thousand Load Fuck was played as evidence for a San Francisco judge. (Though he’d probably already seen it.)

According to Treasure Island Media defense attorney Karen Tynan, Cal/OSHA has asked for and been granted multiple continuances on the complaint (which is separate from a different yet equally worthless AHF complaint filed recently against TIM and also separate from the recent AHF/Isadore Hall mandatory condom legislation), stretching the case out more than a Treasure Island Media model’s hole, a.k.a. over three years.

Finally, Cal/OSHA concluded their case last week with over two days worth of testimony from both Cal/OSHA and TIM employees. They also presented evidence that included a screening of the specific film named in the complaint, the beloved bareback classic The Thousand Load Fuck.

Cal/OSHA played over an hour of Thousand Load Fuck for the courtroom, and hopefully they treated everyone to the film’s final scene in which Ian Jay takes “a gallon of cum up his eager cum-hungry guts.” That’s the best part. According to court transcripts, the hearing also included a discussion of oral sex without condoms, what actually constitutes as rimming, and use of the word “analingus.” Your tax dollars at work:

“It’s a three-year-old case, actually; it’s taken Cal/OSHA three years to finally bring this to a hearing after numerous continuances […] But it’s for not using condoms and for oral sex without condoms and, obviously, unprotected anal sex, and there’s an allegation of what you and I would call ‘rimming,’ but they refer to it in the transcript as ‘analingus.’”

“We were scheduled for two days before the judge,” [Karen Tynan] continued, “and Cal/OSHA called Matt Mason, Manager of TIM, as their first witness. The second day they called Gene Murphy as the inspector. I’m about to receive the transcript from the hearing where the inspector, Gene Murphy, testified under oath that that the adult entertainment industry was not a high hazard industry. We spent over an hour watching The Thousand Load Fuck—that’s the movie they’re focusing on—and Cal/OSHA submitted over 30 exhibits.”

“There’s been a kind of a plodding, slow pace by Cal/OSHA,” she observed. “In two days, they only got on two witnesses. The judge has admonished them repeatedly to speed up the pace of their case, and we’re really at a stage where we’re coming back in April to hopefully have two more days of hearings and get this wrapped up and prove that Cal/OSHA has no jurisdiction, because a lot of these films—including The Thousand Load Fuck—are from outside California.”

As I pointed out last week, most of the films in question that Cal/OSHA and AHF have been filing complaints against are filmed outside of California. The judge is likely to throw both this current case and the pending one out. And if there’s any justice, fines would be assessed against Cal/OSHA and AHF for abusing the legal system.

Tynan concludes:

“I should note that AHF sent two representatives to watch the trial, and it was clear that AHF and the Cal/OSHA personnel were thick as thieves, whispering in the corner and practically canoodling during lunch.”

  1. Taxpayers dollars hard at work.I guess that one of the OSHA employees got caught watching TIM porn on the job, so he had to make up an excuse. I wish I could find a job that allowed me to watch TIM Porn….Fuck I could watch it all day…..Also Matt should have taken cum rags to court and sold them to all the men leaking cum after watching fuckin HOT TIM porn….just sayin

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