“Break me down and rebuild me.” – Chad Brock


I team up with NICK MORETTI for a first-ever grand experiment, bringing together legendary stud BRAD MCGUIRE, ANTONIO BIAGGI, CHAD BROCK, MORGAN BLACK, and others, to push each other’s boundaries, create memorable torment, and spread plenty of seed.Get yourself ready for some twisted shit.

– Paul Morris

Featuring: Nick Moretti & TIMExclusive: Brad McGuire


  1. Wow! Although I must confess the title does not appeal to me, I shall get over it! Talk about pushing (or, in this case, obliterating) boundaries!

  2. Looks like an awesome movie, can’t wait to watch it. Nick is totally amazing in all he does. I could fall in love with hime

  3. Nick Moretti? Chad Brock? Hell yes! Promo clip looks amazing! can not wait until this releases. It will be smokin’ hot, guaranteed!

  4. Amazing work as usual from Nick Moretti. He’s always hot and in character. I highly recommend this to anyone!

  5. Damn, hot group of men and it’s looks HOT! Nick, you did an amazing job with this movie.

  6. So many hot men in one scene. The only thing missing is that I’m not there to help dish out some of the pain and cum!

  7. Wow, now this is one flick I really want to see, we need more of these. Love watching Nick at the best of times, but this is going to be hot and explosive!!

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