CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Urinals. Part 2

With my ass up in the air, he slapped it hard; the sound of his hand against my bare ass filled the small restroom.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Urinals. Part 2

I tried not to concentrate on the stinging, instead focused on the cock in my mouth. I sucked it harder, all the way to the root I took it all. “You got a rubber?” I heard the guy behind me ask the man in front of me. Before he could answer the man behind me started to push his cock inside of me saying “fuck who cares I bet this cum slut likes it raw.” With that he started to push his massive cock in my tight hole.

“Damn this bitch is tight,” he said as he pulled his cock out. He spit into his hand and rubbed it all over his shaft, he spit again, this time on my hole. He smeared his saliva all over my tight little ass ring. The head of his cock went back to pushing, this time it managed to force it’s way inside of me. “Ah yeah much better,” he said as he thrust the rest of his cock in. My eyes grew large as he filled my hole with his large member. It was one of the biggest cocks I’d ever had inside of me, that was for sure. I closed my eyes and enjoyed having a cock on each end of me. This had always been such a fantasy for me.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Urinals. Part 2

I let them both push and thrust their way to ecstasy. The cock in my mouth went first; it shot a heavy stream of salty cum down my throat. I let it fill my mouth before I swallowed every last bit of his creamy jizz. Seeing the guy in front of me shoot made the man behind me go into high gear. He started to pound into me faster and faster. I held on to the guy in front of me. My hands on his waist were my only support as the stranger behind me shot a massive load into my ass. I braced myself and let the flood of cum cover my insides, some of it oozed out of my hole and down my leg.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Urinals. Part 2

After they dumped their loads they let go of me and exhausted I tumbled to the piss covered floor. “Man I gotta take a leak,” said the man who had just dumped into my ass.

“Here we can take a leak on him” said the other man as he rolled me over with his foot. They both walked over to my face, pointing their cocks at my mouth they both took turns shooting into me. My face and neck got soaked in their golden juice. I opened wide and took as much of it in my mouth as I could. It washed down the cum in my throat. After they finished emptying their bladders, they zipped up and left me there soaked in piss, full of cum, and with a grin on my urine soaked face.

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