The PLANTIN’ SEED trilogy of videos is something I’m very proud of and am happy to release as a complete set.

Whether you’re hankering to introduce some young buck to the wild, wet ‘n’ wicked world of manfucking, or just want to sit back in your easy chair and stroke to hours and hours of sublime spurt-satiation, this anthology will fit the bill perfectly.

Honest-to-god gallons of spooge were planted from a horde of studs deep inside the hungry guts of wanton manwhores. Wanna celebrate manhood? Get the Anthology! Wanna understand the Cult of TIM? Give this parcel o’ porn a good, long gander.

The PLANTIN’ SEED trilogy is an essential part of the live culture of mansex. It was a pleasure making all three of the vids, and I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure to own and watch them.

Share the seed, men! Keep the juice flowing! – Paul Morris


From the original video description:

It’s the primal urge. It’s the drive a man has to shoot his load deep inside another man. That’s what PLANTIN’ SEED is all about: “Don’t pull out, man – shoot it inside me!” The drive to inseminate, the need to breed. I’ve pulled together some of the hottest big-dick raw-studs I know for this one: JESSE O’TOOLE, BRAD McGUIRE, STEVE PARKER, KEVIN SLATER , JACOB SCOTT, JAKE RYAN and more. And they all outdid themselves, putting in some of the hottest, finest fucking action I’ve seen in a long while.

So get your pot and your poppers out, put in PLANTIN’ SEED and kick back. You’re gonna enjoy this one – it’s fuckin’ great.


is my first truly underground video with scene after scene of the hottest fuckin’ men – on fire with total lust and abandon!These men fuck like there’s no tomorrow – with a truly deep-seeding drive for sexual connection.

There are plenty of extras in this one, including two bonus scenes. First, DAWSON goes one-on-one with ETHAN SEXXTIN. And to top things off, there’s some wild footage of the incomparable bottom in his camping trip “fuck tent.”

PLANTIN’ SEED 2 is one fuckin’ hot video, with just about everything you could possibly hope to see. Internal cumshots, external cumshots, raw-bone one-on-ones, three-ways with mega-hung studs fucking the brains out of willing slut-bottoms, gangbangs, double-penetrations, ass-to-mouth, and More, More, More.


From a first-time incestuous brother-fuck to a brutal boy-banging, if you’re hankerin’ to connect with the deep, dark world of mansex, 
PLANTIN’ SEED 3 will take you there.

PLANTIN’ SEED 3 features more gut-breeding, hole-pounding piston-fucking action than ever. Our fuck-crew for PS3 features the likes of thick-dicked TIM manrammers BRAD, DAN FISK, DEREK ANTHONY, JERRY STEARNS, PHOENIX SANCHEZ (and many more). And these guys proudly show off what they do best: plantin’ their seed in the holes of insatiable cumholes like TIM exclusive CHRISTIAN and other jizz-dumps, JAY ROSS,TOBER BRANDT, MARK DIXON and TIM SKYLER.

There’s nothing in the world better than men fucking men. It’s the ultimate experience, as infinitely variable as it is constantly satisfying. PLANTIN’ SEED 3 rounds out my seed-plantin celebrations—and explorations—of manfucking.






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