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drew I’m a big show off. Most of you already know that. It gets me excited when I see someone staring at my cock in my jeans. First of all, I can’t really help it. I don’t wear underwear and even when I do, my cock has to go somewhere. So it goes out. And to the right. And down.

SubwayFreeballing.On this day, I’m riding the subway in NYC. I sit there minding my own business, when I notice a really cute ginger standing with his sister and mother. He’s young, but not particularly underage. I’m an equal opportunity cock-show-er-offer. This just happened to be even hotter, because he was still checking me out and showing off himself a little while his family was there. Such a naughty little boy.

As he looks at me and down to my cock, I could see that he was hiding his increasing boner. Hiding it from his family, but not necessarily from me. *wink*

I open my legs up and let my cock get a little more room to grow. The subway was crowded. It wasn’t rush hour by any means, but there were several people around. I didn’t care about them. I just wanted to keep this game of show and tell going until I had to go. Secretly wishing he would tell his family he had to go do something, but I knew the likelihood of that happening was slim.

My cock was hard now. I didn’t need to try to make it look big. Every once in a while I would give myself a little deedle to get it in a more comfortable, and yes obvious position. I just couldn’t help but think about what I would do to this boy if I could just get him alone. I would make him rub his face on my bulge in my jeans and tell me how bad he wants it. I would stand there while he’s on his knees and make him rub my cock through my jeans with his hands while I looked down on his cute ginger hair.

After a while of teasing him with my bulge, I would allow him to open my pants up and smell my cock, while it’s still in my pants, but just peeking out for him to see the skin of my shaft still trailing down my pant leg. With his hand, he would reach down and start maneuvering my cock out of it’s cozy spot. A trail of precum would follow my cock head as it’s freed from its prison of denim.


“Put it in your mouth.” I would tell him. Then, I would test his limits by starting slow and then driving my cock as far down his throat as he can handle. Once I know he can take my thick cock down his throat, I would test his eagerness to please me and his skill by holding his head down on my cock. “Hold it! For 3-2-1.” “Good Boy.” I’d say to him. His eyes would be watering and I’d wipe a tear from his eye. That always makes me feel a little tingle of excitement. Knowing that his throat is being stretched by my hard thick cock.


By now, he has his cock out and he’s stroking it while he’s enjoying my cock. I love seeing his cock throbbing and bouncing with each thought of his mouth taking my load. I intend to give him what he wants.

I hold his head steady as I fuck his face and tell him to keep his mouth open for me to watch my cock slide in and out. I’m about ready to blow.

I tell him to use his hand and mouth and suck my cock. I say, “If you want my load, then make my cock feel good.” He keeps sucking and he can tell that I’m getting close, because I start thrusting my cock in his mouth. Not too deep, but just enough that my ass is clenching and he can keep my cock in his mouth. Before long, I know I’m gonna nut. I nut in his mouth and he swallows my cock whole, allowing me to finish pumping my jizz straight down his throat.

He finishes himself off, so I can see his hot load squirt all over the floor. That’s so hot!

Only if he wasn’t with his DAMN family!

(Cover Photo by Ron Henggeler)

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