SHERYL SANDBERG & FACEBOOK – It’s Time For Some Clear Rules


UPDATE: This afternoon, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO put us in contact with Colm Long, Facebook’s Director on Online Operations. We look forward to working with Colm, to capture a solid understanding of Facebook’s guideline’s, while creating a set of standards for the adult industry to utilize when engaging on Facebook.

This week we brought to your attention the crazy rants of one Stephane Beladaci. Mr. Beladaci has made it his full time job to attack the community which Treasure Island Media stands for. He has made it his personal mission to guilt high level members of the executive teams at Facebook, Twitter and Google+ into making his personal beliefs the law that govern all three social sites. He’s also taken to social media to slander our employees, brand and even Paul Morris himself. 

Although we feel Mr. Beladaci could do so with a little more tact, we actually applaude him for surfacing a key issue that has plagued our industry for sometime now; Facebook’s lack of clear rules as it pertains to the adult industry. Rules so unclear that even its own employees can’t decode them. While Mr. Beladaci thinks that we are in the business of putting porn in the hands of children using Facebook as the tool to do so, I assure you were not. Nor do we want to put our product in the hands of anyone who is not interested in seeing it. If this has happened in the past, it was in error and my team has been receptive and quickly fixed those issues. 

In a recent article, writer Jeremy East of Xtra! – Canada’s Gay  Lesbian news made some very interesting points on this topic: 

“A cursory glance at Facebook’s stance on adult content isn’t exactly what you would call enlightening. The statement I found on its help page does note that adult content is not allowed, but even that’s rather vague at best. According to Facebook, adult content “may include nudity, sexual terms and/or images of people in positions or activities that are excessively suggestive or sexual, or provocative images.” And when Facebook happens to be the judge, jury and executioner on this bylaw, there’s a certain amount of leeway there with which you can get completely screwed.”

Like I said earlier, we are actually glad that Mr. Beladaci surfaced Facebook’s gray policy in handling porn studios. He’s finally pushed the issue all the way to the desk of Facebook’s #2 in command, SHERYL SANDBERG. In an open letter to Ms. Sandberg, which you can read below, we asked her to open up dialogue with the adult industry, so that we can all understand how we can work together.

While we continue our efforts to work with Facebook, we’ve decided to take a short break from the social media site and have unpublished the pages for Treasure Island Media as well as our models. Have no fear, this was a decision all on our own, to protect our brand and the lives of our models from the psychotic doings of Mr. Beladaci. While we take our break from Facebook, you can still connect with us and our men of Twitter and Tumblr. 

Treasure Island Media

  1. It’s a simple as creating an age filter that adult content is automatically invisible to anyone under 18. A software programmer could do that while drinking one latte.

  2. BalDouchey and his ilk ought to all immigrate to North Korea where it is not a free country so they will likely enjoy the government censorship they so covet here in the USA.

  3. Seems like the 1st Amendment and common sense will continue to be under attack by idiots who know nothing about either! Long live T.I.M.!!

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