I arrived at a cruisy park to find it pretty empty… but there was one guy there, and that could be enough. When I got out of my car and headed toward the woods, I caught sight of him up ahead near the restrooms. He was hot, too. A bit older than me, short hair, toned but rugged. He started up the trail, and I followed him into the trees.


Very quickly, we had our cocks out and were taking turns sucking each other. I had my pants and briefs all the way around my ankles, and when he reached around to play with my hole he said something like, “Oh this is what you want.” Well yeah. He turned me around and I leaned against a tree while he pushed his cock inside me.


He begins fucking me, and I’m noticing how beautiful this park is and how good his dick feels in me. He’s got a steady, constant rhythm and just pounds away at my ass. I’m loving it, and then it’s suddenly not happening anymore. He’s pulled out, and I turn around just in time to see him finish zipping up. He turns around and leaves before it even registers for me what’s happening. Before he’s out of earshot, I manage to call out, “Thank you!”


The dude had used my ass completely. He fucked me with one focus: not to prolong things, but simply to cum and go. He gave me no notice, verbal or otherwise, of what he was doing or when he was doing it. He simply shot his load, pulled out, and left without a word. I smiled, pulled up my pants, and left too.

Courtesy of RealSFGaySex.

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