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While California courts were putting Treasure Island Media’s bareback porn on trial, Liam Cole continued to work in lawless London. The culture of man on man raw fucking is a global phenomenon and it cannot be stopped. OUTLAWS records Europe’s reckless load-swapping boundary-busting bareback scene. With  seven hardcore scenes and over fifteen load-loving men,  OUTLAWS will deliver you a summer full of fucking, the State of California doesn’t want you to see. 

SCENE 1 – Five Way Fuck



Five men and one mattress in a sex club back room. Young guns Josh Taylor and Alex Bates are wired for seeding: eyes wide, mouths open and asses spread. Lito Cruz, Yuri and Sebastian Slater give the boys a three-pronged donkey-dick drilling.

SCENE 2 – Oliver Fucks Lutz



The hunger in Lutz’ eyes burns intense from the very start of this scene, as he impales his skull on Olivier’s fuck stick. The energy doesn’t let up, showing what happens when a bottom really needs everything he’s getting.


SCENE 3 – Chris and Luke double-fuck Christian


Christian is a TIM stalwart, so it takes something special to fire up mr “24-loads-in-24-hours”. Here his ass is stretched around Chris Front and Luke Pascoe in a deep double-fuck. Both tops are hung thick, so their combined girth is the kind of thing that would split a beginner open. Fortunately Christian’s butt is elastic, and their cocks thrust in with alternating rhythms, creating sensations for all three guys that only a double fuck can create.

SCENE 4 – Andy Fucks Steve



Andy and Steve are boyfriends in real life. Their fantasy was to be seen fucking each other raw in a TIM video. Usually I don’t work with guys who are in a relationship, but these two were so keen I couldn’t disappoint them.


SCENE 5 – Anton and Sebastian Fuck Luck


Luke came from the US to visit London, and wanted to get some European loads in his yank fuck hole while he was here. We took him to a garage with Anton Dickson and Sebastian. Fans of deep throating will enjoy this scene. Luke has no gag reflex and a serious hunger for getting his throat fucked.


SCENE 6 –  Anton Shoots A Home Movie



In his spare time, Anton likes to make home movies. He uses hook-up apps to find horny young men who can’t resist his thick Swedish cock. They come over to ride it and take his load, no questions asked. And sometimes, Anton records it. This scene is one of those recordings.


SCENE 7 – Luca Bondi’s Gangbang



Luca Bondi is a hulk of a man, beefy as fuck and hung with a crazy big banana cock. But on this night he was flipped over to be used purely as a hole. In a motel bedroom, Luca takes a pounding from Sebastian Slater, Anton Dickson, Martin Puli, and James Murray.


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  1. Luke Bennet, I fear, shows little enthusiasm for his work. Doesn’t utter so much as a peep. You don’t need such a dull presence in future endeavours I’d gently suggest.

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