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Hello Perv’s and Pigs. I am finally recovered enough from the weekend to be able to empty some meaty morsels into the diary. But before I go any further, can I just say WOW! WHAT A FUCKING AWESOME WEEKEND! There simply is not a succinct enough way to go into detail on the sequence of events, but suffice to say I arrived at Monday night with over 20 loads up my guts from a variety of parties, meets and locations and with a very large grin on my face. Might I add that Burgess Park is certainly on my list of places that I want to explore a lot more and thank-you to all the guys who made a sticky deposit into my piggy bank on Sunday!

I am discovering rapidly that the richness in diversity within the fuck community of London is actually kind of astounding! I have only really been focussing on the Lambeth area so far. And why not? That’s where all the filthy fuckers live right? To a greater or lesser extent I am possibly right but there are so many different treats, delights and dirty districts across the city for me to explore and I cant wait to find out just how much trouble I can get myself into!

The main focus of the weekend’s frivolity however was the 10th birthday celebration of HARDON! This is THE horniest monthly fetish fuck fest event that London has to offer and is organised by a woman who knows what makes gay men tick, Suzie Krueger. Dirty music, sleazy atmosphere, a massive dark open play room and hundreds of London’s filthiest men all come together to form a melting pot of body fluids, very hard sex and a beautiful lingering stench of male pheromones! London’s TIM office thought it was only fitting to honour this event by filming a live sex show in the club and give away a bunch of our fetish gear and DVD’s on the door.


Being Liam’s new boy it was only natural that he would ask me to be part of the celebrations and help out with the live show. I don’t think he fully understood just how excited I was at this prospect! We drafted in Kieran and Aitor Crash along with a filthy little newcomer Nathan Gear to be the main focus of the show, with myself and three other horny guys to be in TIM gear and interact with the audience whilst the show went on.  We all arrived before the club opened and started getting the party going by handing out the free goodies as the club rapidly filled up. The queue on the door was apparently the largest the club had ever seen!

By the time we had handed out the last of the gear and stuck on the last of the temporary “Property of Paul Morris” Tattoo’s, the four of us were so horned up that we ended up fucking each other at the bar whilst waiting for our first drinks. We had roughly an hour to kill before we needed to reconvene backstage to prepare for the show so we put it to good use and gave a mini show for the Hardon crowd round the back near the piss play area where I got my first load of the night and had some frantic flip flop vers breeding fun. Our cocks were going from ass to mouth to ass again like a bunch of rabbits on Viagra and ending in a 4 way fuck chain or inked boys in TIM caps fucking the shit out of each other.

Soon enough we needed to head backstage where we found the stars of the show limbering up with each other whilst Liam tested out the camera equipment. Feeling a little at a loss as to what we were meant to be doing Matteo and I just carried on fucking each other. I felt it would have been rude to have not acquainted myself with the other guys too so we enjoyed a good bout of “getting to know you” techniques before it was time to head for the stage. I heard recently that medical staff at certain “clinics” in London consider oral sex as a handshake in the gay world….. Certainly pretty accurate from where I am standing.


The time had come and we fought our way through the throng of bodies fucking and fisting in the play room to get to the stage. We made sure the stage was clear and positioned ourselves around it. Within seconds I felt a very large cock push its way into my ass and I was bent over forwards and given a good pounding! So this must have been what Liam meant by ‘interacting with the audience’. The show performers arrived and a BDSM scene ensued with Nathan being used and abused by Aitor and Kieran. Within 5 minutes we were all pretty much going for it as a large group of sleazy fuckers and the boundaries of show and audience participation blurred out to a homogeny of man-Sex. 15 minutes flew by in a heartbeat and before we knew it we were back stage again, grinning like kids on Xmas day with sweat literally pouring off us. Everybody was happy and we were free to go entertain ourselves for the rest of the night.

The best part is that we had enjoyed playing together so much that we carried on as a group at a private house party after the club had closed. But that is another story altogether!

 PS – More Photos Coming Soon!

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  1. Hey Felix,you are right.

    You are not the only one waiting for his performances…
    Surely,there are many … 😉

  2. I looked for your stuff in x tube,Ravi Khan….
    But I couldn’t find any 🙁
    I too am looking forward to your performances with TIM….
    Will definitely sizzle….

  3. Question: who’s the hot dark skinned lad in images two and three above? New TIM addition? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Felix – that would be me! Doing some stuff for TIM so watch this space. And thanks for the interest!

      1. Excellent mate! Will look forward to seeing you in action. Please keep us posted. Do you have a website?

          1. Thanks Ravi. I’d love to find more of your ‘work’ but have had no success in discovering it in either of the places you mentioned. And judging from the comment above by SriLankan Boy, I’m not the only one who’d like to see more of you ;).

  4. What a very literate and horny report of a great party. I got very hard by the time I had finished reading it. I feel quite envious of you. I would like to have received some of those loads. I’m sure you would have shared some of them, Bruce !

      1. Thanks, Bruce. I look forward to getting some of that. All donations received with gratitude.

    1. Hey Rob. I only use condoms as 1) A emergency cock ring, 2) to send or receive cum in the post and 3) as a source of anonymous cum from all those wasteful guys in the sauna who don’t see it for the precious commodity that it is and just discard it in the bin… I never waste a drop and always recycle loads found this way!! Therefore in answer to your question, YES, we all fucked RAW on the stage… its the only way to fuck isnt it?

      1. Only reading your response makes both my dick and my hole twitch … Indeed, it is the only way to fuck and get fucked …. I just thought (and seemed to remember from past events) that Hard On does not “condone” raw fucking on stage — and I also thought that Aitor Crash always rubbered up … glad to hear he does not (any more?) — all hard here now at the thought of it …. Must have been a hell of a show – how many loads did you collect? 😉 and give out 😉

          1. Cool – would like to share – maybe not 20 LOL – but one or two? Did you share with sexy Aitor too?

  5. Hey Win. Where you looking for a fuck? Online, clubs and bars, cruising?? London is crammed with fuck opportunities!

    1. Hi Bruce. I dunno what I expected when I posted this, but it certainly wasn’t a response from the pig himself 🙂

      Anyway – saunas, mostly. I don’t actually live in London (in the East Anglian countryside a couple of hours away on the train) but I’m in town at least once every couple of months for either business or pleasure and since my trains go from Liv St I always make a point of calling into Chariots on the way home if nothing else. But IDK if I come across as unapproachable or unobtainable or what, but I always leave without even a nibble. I haven’t felt anything against my prostate that wasn’t made of sillicone since the Fort closed.

      I have profiles on a couple of websites including BBRT (latexallergyuk – the pics are a couple of years old but if anything I’m in better shape now since I’ve gotten more serious about hitting the gym regularly) but while I get the odd oink or “that’s hot” message I live too far away from anything else to be a prospect for a quick hook-up … and people telling me I’m hot just makes it more frustrating when I don’t seem to have any success in the sauna. Maybe next time I’m in town I’ll post a QC ad or party or something so people know I’m about and available … but short of standing buck-naked on Hampstead Heath with a big sign saying “Please fuck me” I dunno what else to do.

      IDK, I just get jealous when I read about people getting more cock in one weekend than i’ve gotten in 18 years of being legal…

      1. Saunas can be very Hit and Miss. I opt for a holistic multi vectored approach when it comes to cock hunting. App’s can be good when your are stuck in a horny predicament, but beware of getting stuck in a grindr loop! That can be a sure fire way of ensuring you get no action at all! BBRT is pretty much a staple for getting a semi decent raw fuck… I call it “Old Faithful!” as it delivers every time!

        I guess the main question is how are you initiating sex? Your prostate must be shrivelling up with such a lack of spunk bathing it… If i didn’t have several loads off different guys hitting my prostate and absorbing into my ass lining every week I think my ass would go on strike!! I am sorry if my cum thirst causes you distress… but i ain’t changing… i’m on a roll and i intend to continue being a cum sponge for as long as i can get away with it!

        1. LOL man I’m certainly not expecting you to give up being a sponge just because some random bloke on the intertubes is having a twinge of the green-eyed monsters! You’re living the dream and should go on soaking up all the fluids you can get 🙂 Don’t worry about my prostate either – let’s just say that I’ve been recycling 🙂 Not as good as getting it from other people, obviously, but enough to keep it ticking over.

          BBRT has so far been a bust for me at home tho… trouble with East Anglia is that it’s a big area that they don’t break up into smaller chunks for some reason, and I live in one of the more inaccessible bits of it. There also don’t seem to be that many guys round here willing to admit to being into BB… the “who’s online” very rarely goes to more than one page. I’ll scroll down the list and send out pings to anyone who looks interesting, but so far I haven’t hit anyone close enough to be viable. Not planning on staying here much longer tho – I’m pissed off with my job as well as the lack of cock, and will probably look for something a bit closer to London when I do… that should make things a bit easier 🙂 Meanwhile… I notice that someone has got at least a couple of takers for a hotel cumdump in Ipswich, and setting up something like that a bit closer to me would certainly be easier than trekking it into London. Something for me to think about, at least 🙂

          That said, you’re probably right that relying on saunas to provide on my London trips has been casting my net too narrowly. If nothing else I should put up a “gonna be in sweatbox for the next X hours, come unload” ad… maybe stay an extra night and hit some cruise bars too… next hardon is the 26th, right? Any tips for a virgin?

          Anyway, I’ve at least got some ideas to try… sorry for being a bit of an eeyore all over your post; but thinking about this stuff out loud has helped – I’m feeling a lot more optimistic today than I was when I first posted 🙂

  6. So how exactly does one get laid in London? I haven’t actually had sex in years and am starting to get pissed off at always striking out…

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