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I recently watched Paul Morris’ new video Bad Seed.  As long as Morris has been around, his talents certainly show in this video.  His years of experience keep making the videos better and better.  And in this video, he teamed up with Pony Hunter, a guy that he is training to direct and film porn. Morris states of Pony: “ He’s an avid, oversexed, edgy sexual predator who is the closest I’ve ever found to my match when it comes to a commitment to explore and document the worlds of male sex.”


One of the things that is important to me about porn, since fucking is fucking and there is little difference in it from film to film, is the lighting.  This film has perfect lighting for me.  I like to see the skin, the sweat, and the up close action.  When its too dark, I don’t always get the feel I get when I watch it with light.  This film has great camera angles, and all the technical professionalism that comes from the Master of Porn.

The video starts off with a cock-hardening scene with a massive hard cock penetrating a tight, smooth ass.  Very erotic to see the contrasting man on boy ass look, although both men are handsome older and experienced fuckers.   But in scene two, the lighting changes, and a newbie to the porn world gets fucked good for Pony and Morris.  These guys go at it, leaving themselves totally exhausted at the end of this hardcore fucking.

Being that I like young guys, the “Boyfucker” scene was obviously very appealing to me.  Now this was some good “big dick fucks boy ass” action.  The scene was hot will layers of varying experience at work, making this fuck scene extremely hot.  There is another boy scene with a 22 year old, 5 ft 4 in, 125 lb boy who takes Brad McGuire’s angry cock the best he can.  He hesitates at first, complains of pain, but McGuire doesn’t stop and uses the boy’s hole to his satisfaction.

There are other scenes just as hot as the rest, a graffiti alley type scene, deep hole fucking, group sex, hairy-assed “service men”, and more!  This is a hot, erotic, nasty video you will want in your collection.

It just gets better all the time with TIM.


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  1. These guys show no mercy as they do whatever it takes to pound the shit out of these bottom pig’s asses. Men losing their fucking minds going after booties like it was no tomorrow, as it should be!

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