Condom maker breaks down penis size


Story via Daily Finance

By: Tom Barlow

If the Wild West is the home of manly men, you wouldn’t know it by the penis size study just released by Condomania. Men in Utah and Wyoming apparently caught the short end of the stick. In contrast, residents of New Hampshire, Oregon and New York must be bursting with pride at finishing at the top of this list.

Condomania began marketing TheyFit condoms six years ago, a set of 76 varied sizes to provide a perfect fit. The data pool for this study has swelled to more than 27,000 men, enough to draw some tentative conclusions. The tumescent curve runs from 3″ to 10″, falling into a Bell normal curve with half between 5″ and 6″. This conforms with previous studies, including the Kinsey Report.

Broken down by city, the list of the most well-endowed citizens is topped by:

01. New Orleans

02. Washington DC

03. San Diego

04. New York City

05. Phoenix

06. Portland

07. Atlanta

08. San Francisco

09. Chicago

10. St. Louis

11. Seattle

12. Miami

13. Indianapolis

14. Columbus

15. Boston

16. Denver

17. Los Angeles

18. Detroit

19. Philadelphia

20. Dallas/Ft. Worth

How about your state? Here are the results, again, in descending order

50 States Ordered by Penis Size

01. New Hampshire

02. Oregon

03. New York

04. Indiana

05. Arizona

06. Hawaii

07. Louisiana

08. Massachusetts

09. Alabama

10. Washington

11. New Mexico

12. California

13. Arkansas

14. Nevada

15. Virginia

16. Tennessee

17. Illinois

18. Oklahoma

19. South Dakota

20. Georgia

21. Pennsylvania

22. Mississippi

23. Michigan

24. Florida

25. Rhode Island

26. Kansas

27. Maryland

28. Minnesota

29. Vermont

30. Connecticut

31. Wisconsin

32. New Jersey

33. North Dakota

34. Idaho

35. Texas

36. Missouri

37. Montana

38. Ohio

39. Nebraska

40. Colorado

41. Maine

42. North Carolina

43. Delaware

44. South Carolina

45. Kentucky

46. West Virginia

47. Alaska

48. Iowa

49. Utah

50. Wyoming

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