CUMSLOPPY STORY || Alone with Cum Hound and a world-wide audience

Story via My Side of the Sling

I have known the Cum Hound for a long time, yet we have never met for a one on one. He loves to get fucked. He loves cum. He loves taking loads for me to felch. We meet up every few months. We usually meet at a truly sleazy motel in the Detroit area, and I would be one of a number of guys there to fuck him. We meet in different cities, at times, to get different dick up his hole. Even when he came all the way out to my playroom, I recruited the one lone top in my tiny town to give him a load for us to play in. We had talked about the fact that it was time to meet on our own—but then I arranged a mystery top to come in and fuck him once he was blindfolded.

Treasure Island Media, Damaged Goods

This time I had no tricks up my sleeve. We’d fuck alone. He wanted some pushing of his limits of pain. I’d set up the sling and rimseat in a cheaper motel in Lansing. Our added spice was that we decided to broadcast it on TIM’s Fuck Roulette.

“Get on the floor.” I point to under the rimseat. Cum Hound eagerly gets under the open seat. He loves to rim me. I sit. The camera on his laptop picks me up perfectly framed. His tongue connects with my ass. I watch my cock go from semi-hard to fully erect. I let it bounce, as I remove the poppers in the waistband of my jock. I take a deep hit. He grunts as he works deeper. An image of a young man stroking appears on the ‘who’s watching’ screen. He sees a toilet seat, and quickly clicks away from us. I’m luxuriating in just sitting and being serviced as I stroke. We pause at least once for him to take a hit. Then I sit again for his more frenzied rimming of my now wet hole. I look over at the screen. A handsome Black man is watching us. He eventually clicks away—and I get up.

“It’s sling time.” I get him over to it—after we re-position the laptop on the bed to catch the business end of the sling. It’s positioned so I can see my cock slap on his ass. I dip and rim him, but his tongue has gotten me more than ready to fuck.

I shove in. He grunts a “Yes” and I am in to the hilt. My balls slap his ass. “Fuck me, Sir.” I pull almost all the way out. And slam in again. I fuck faster. There is an older leatherish-looking man watching us now—his cock looks huge, it’s so close to his camera. He is pulling his foreskin over the head of his cock and slowly working it back down–making a show of it for us. I pause, taste the Cum Hound’s ass and then push my cock right back in. I hear the man on the screen grunt—when I look over, he’s gone.

I work the Cum Hound’s nuts. Much in the same way as I detailed in Pain Pig. He howls, every bit as loud. I bring out some toys. The first one in his ass has a large egg as the head, then a slender shaft. The Cum Hound gasps as the egg pushes him wide open. He clamps down on the ribbed shaft. I work it in slowly. I pull the end of the shaft up. Then down. Then from side to side. CH is moaning. He is loving this. I push the base down again and add my cock alongside it. It fits perfectly. My cock pushes up to the base of the egg. “Argh!” He is stretched wide. “Fuck me with that thing.” I pull back, then fuck forward, running the underside of my cock over the ribs. It feels terrific. For both of us. I keep it up for a long time.

We have a new man jacking as he watches us. He’s young and hung. And likes what he sees. I look over—pull my cock out roughly and then work the toy out of his ass. I show it to the camera. I put it right back in. I slip my cock into his hole. And a finger along the side. CH grunts.

When I get bored, I pull myself out, along with the toy and go for the speculum. I don’t think he’s ever had it in him. The stainless steel device slips in easily after all the stretching. Then I begin the slow crank open. The medical istrument opens laterally, covering the sides of his ass leaving the top and bottom of his canal for me to fondle. He groans as my finger thumps against his prostrate. He’s purring as I run my index finger down the whole length of his gaping hole. I stand up. I’ve cranked it open wide enough to just work my thick cock head in. It feels terrific as the cool metal is on either side of my shaft, and his hot flesh is above and below.

“Oh, Sir. That’s amazing.”

Treasure Island Media, Damaged Goods

I think so, too. I’m up him for long time. The young man online loves this—he is leaning towards his computer screen. I pull out. My cock feels the largest it’s been all day. I slap it hard on his balls. CH squeals in surprise. I plunge back in. “FUUUUCK,” he crows.

When I finally stop, I pull out and make him clean my cock. ATM is expected and relished with the Cum Hound. I blindfold him. “I have a surprise for you.”

He shivers in anticipation. I grab it out of my bag, and lay it on his stomach. He hears the clink and feels the weight. “Fuck,” he murmurs. It’s a chain. About 18 inches long. One I’ve had for a while– one that the few rough edges have been filed away..

I Crisco his hole. And the first few links. It goes in easily. “It’s so heavy,” he breathes. I keep adding links. He takes them— all but the last two—I hold onto those. I tap his stomach. You can hear the chain clink in his gut.

“Ready?” Without waiting for an answer, I pull slowly. Each link pops out of his well-used hole. A shipyard version of balls on a string. He’s breathing rapidly as each link pops out. Finally, the final four links fall out of his ass—the weight of the chain pulling them out fast. I lay the extended chain on his chest and abdomen so he can feel how much he took.

“Once more. Please, Sir.” I smile though he can’t see it.

They go in faster this time. And come out faster too.

A few pictures—then: “It’s breeding time, boy.”

“Yes, SIR.” I’m in and pumping hard. “Take it.”

“Give me your cum,” he mutters, half to me and half to himself. “Shoot it.”

I convulse.

I shoot long and hard up his hole.

Treasure Island Media, Damaged Goods

As I straighten up, my white jizz drips from his hole. I notice there is white cream all over the video watcher’s cock, too…

    1. There are pigs everywhere—some places you just have to really look for us….

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