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You get to a point when the day of the year which your age notches up a digit loses the once loved significance only to become a countdown to the inevitable. This weekend marked my own passing of yet another year of existence and brought me one more year closer to the big four oh. What is it about this number? Especially for gay guys? I have come across guys, on more than a dozen or five occasions I might add, who seem perpetually stuck in the nether regions of their late thirties.

The old “Gaydar” age never quite seems to advance past forty, though their laughter lines, skin blemishes and the tell tale signs of gravity acting on their Gluteus maximus beg to differ. For me however, my perceptions of what I personally find attractive in a man shifts along with my own path to senility and I am finding the sage wisdom and experience of an older man increasingly more attractive. But, in all honesty, it is after all just a number and whilst finding some who are seasoned beyond their years whilst still in their twenties, one also can often come across men in their later chapters who are still making the same mistakes and revisiting the follies of their youth much to the amusement and concern of their peers.

So, returning to my birthday weekend, I didn’t really hold high expectations for any events of great consequence. Boy was I wrong! It happened that my Birthday was to fall on a Sunday. This was also on a weekend where I was due to go visit my kids up in North Wales. This is a Bi-Monthly event which, as a rule, is reserved as a refreshing break from the usual chaos and depravity of my day to day life in London. So, a few days before I was due to head up I received a message off a couple of guys living not far from my kids, who I had been itching to play with for months, asking if I was free on Friday evening for a session? By the time I get up to Wales it is too late to really see the kids anyway so misbehaving was not something inconceivable or really out of order, provided I arrived safely on Saturday morning. My grin was like a cheshire cat!

Treasure Island Media, Knocked Up

When I arrived I kind of felt a lot out of my depth and for me, that’s saying something I can tell you. Both of them were built like brick shit houses and hung in proportion. I mean, I had seen pictures, but pleasantly, for once, these guys exceeded expectations! I would have been happy for the evening if they have been arseholes with no social skills but their personalities complemented their bodies: Blokey; intelligent; and pleasant to hang with. The night progressed intuitively and imaginatively with the three of us exploring our limits at a comfortable pace. The fucking was mutually versatile with lots of ass to mouth, my favourite! Tasting the ass juices and precum covering a fat cock as it comes out a nice pink hole and is pushed deep to the back of my throat sends my horny up to factor ten on the sphincter scale! Lying under a hungry hole getting fucked and slurping on the hot wet cock with my tongue  as it pounds deeper, the earthy but fruity smell filling my nostrils and the squelchy sounds mixed with the panting and moaning all culminate in a level of sexual sensory overload I rarely attain.

After a while one of the guys announced that he needed a piss and asked me if I would like to accompany him up to the bathroom. Obediently I followed. Bent over in the bath he slid his cock into my ass and with little hesitation slowly filled me up with hot piss. I could feel myself start to rush!

Knowing my insides were filling.

Knowing it is a liquid that is coming directly from another man.

Almost tasting the piss in my lungs as my ass absorbed the fluids which were being pumped within.

I was going into a state of pure psychological and physical pleasure!

When he finished he slowly eased out, allowing me to clench up so I didn’t spill a drop. He then lay down in the bath behind me and as I looked between my legs I could see him grinning up at me. We briefly shared a knowing look and I stood up on the sides of the bath, aiming my tightened hole down at his face. I knew exactly what he wanted and he had loaded me with plenty of ammunition. With controlled bursts I jetted his own piss back over his face and glistening body. He held his mouth wide open and I deliberately aimed the spray so it was hitting the back of his throat. Burst after burst I hosed him down and filled his mouth. It seemed to be never ending! This was the last thing I had expected to be doing but fuck me, was so damn horny!

We carried on until the early hours culminating in a decent exchange of cum. If the weekend held nothing else of a sexual nature then that was fine with me. Considering it had been only six hours this had been a wild session!

Saturday and Sunday was a riot with the kids and we welcomed a new edition to the household, my son’s new pet, a beautiful bearded dragon. When I arrived at the station to return to London on Sunday evening, the HusPig sent me a text asking if I would like him to get a hot lad round for when I arrived home. This in itself was not that unusual. However, in synchrony, I had been getting texts off Patch, our Pup, asking how my weekend had gone and that he was sorry he wouldn’t be down this weekend for my birthday. I smelt a rat. Something was afoot.

On the walk home I picked up some dinner from Chicken Cottage in Stockwell and wondered exactly what I was going to walk into when I opened our front door. The house was quiet on my arrival. I walked through to our bedroom to find the HusPig and Patch holding a lit birthday cake and wearing boots, chaps and harnesses. The bed was laid out with my own gear and some wrapped presents. “Happy Birthday!” they proclaimed, with broad beaming smiles. Nothing couldn’t have made me happier!

Treasure Island Media, Knocked Up

After opening the presents, including a new cock ring, one of those Tenga Eggs (Now that feels different, I can tell you!), and a pungently smelling bag of some green herb I have not come across in a very long time, I changed into my gear. There is something quite reassuring about the feel of rubber chaps and the smell of a leather harness (I am not a purist when it comes to mixing and matching what gear I wear!). Once I finished tying my boots I automatically settled into a more submissive state and joined Patch’s side licking at the HusPigs 14 eye Dr. Martens.

“Very good work Pups. Now get up and go eat Patch’s arse,” he commanded. His voice having changed to a deeper and more authoritative tone.

Before I could even think, Patch jumped up on the bed and was presenting his puckered hole like a proud dog at Crufts! As I eagerly lapped at it, loosening him up, the HusPig held my back down with his boot, preventing me from eagerly slamming my now very hard cock into the Pup.

The hornier I became.

The more my cock twitched.

The firmer he held me down with his boot.

I knew he was getting off on my growing frustration. Patch’s hole was pulsing on my tongue. I could tell the frustration was growing in him, too. Not a second too soon and with a grin of gratitude I felt the pressure of the boot ease. I didn’t push up but waited for verbal permission. I could tell that Patch knew something had changed too.

“Go on then.” I rose from my knees and in one motion my cock found its way straight to the Pup’s hole. I easily pushed in balls deep and felt his ass tighten around me. I fucked Patch hard and deep. Building up speed and getting off on his moaning and little yelps  increasing in volume whilst feeling the HusPig watching his Pups breeding. I slowed to a brief pause as I felt his wet fingers locate my own arse and gently push their way into me. He quickly followed with his cock causing my cock to twitch in Patch. Puppy in the middle feels fucking awesome and I carried on pounding the Pup whilst riding the Huspig, feeling his cock drilling deeper into me with every thrust. He must have sensed I was close to cumming, ordering us to stop and pulling out.

“Get on your knees. Its your turn now. Go on Patch, do your worst!”

Patch was so horned up he spat on my ass and fucked me hard and fast from the onset. I was almost screaming as he finely balanced the pleasure/pain barrier up my guts. When he shot his load he pushed me flat first then pulled out and jetted repeatedly over my open hole. pushing some back inside again with his cock and then standing to come round to the front of me so I could clean his cock off. At the same time the HusPig was fingering the rest of Patch’s load into me before he carried on the assault on my ass with his cock. My mouth and beard were tasting and stinking of cum. It was intoxicating. My ass was feeling hot and tingly and slightly sore.

Treasure Island Media, Knocked Up

“Happy fucking birthday, luv!” he groaned as he added his own load. Fucking happy was just how I felt! As far as birthdays go, this one will take a lot of beating!

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