Chronicles of a London CumPig || Volume 1


Hey, horny guys out there.

I hope you are all doing great. As I haven’t blogged to you for such a long time, I thought I should send you all some New Year wishes from a chilly but not so wet London! hehe

So much has happened over here. As you know, my book Chronicles came out and it has been a bit of a mini-adventure in its own right, with loads of interviews here and there and book signings and messages from left, right and centre, so I wanted to take the occasion to thank you all for that. Big hugs hehe. Chronicles is available now on

Apart from that, the architecture job been really busy, working long hours designing offices for some dog kennels and residential properties, etc. I also started translating a friend’s Swedish book to English. It’s a crime novel with a lesbian couple as the main lead characters. It’s really cool. Hopefully I will have that one ready in the new year at some point. But my god I realise that my Swedish is not what it used to be, lol. I have to look stuff up in the dictionary all the time, hehe.

I saw this amazing TV drama from Sweden the other day called “Don’t wipe tears without gloves.” It’s based on Jonas Gardell’s book with the same name. The story takes place in Stockholm and some small towns in Sweden in the early 80s when the first wave of the AIDS epidemic started arriving and people didn’t really know much about it. It was such an amazing film, I sat paralysed watching it, crying like a baby. Didn’t help that the hubby was out… hehe. It was beautifully filmed and the locations so reminded me of my time growing up in Stockholm 20 years ago, cruising and meeting guys at the central train station “T-centralen,” “Bög-ringen” (gay circle), and in the toilets… what adventures we had, haha.

It’s been very strange times for me lately though also, as my new love (since the summer) — my little French boy as some of you might have heard me talking about — had to move back to Paris to finish school. I miss him so. I went to visit him a few times but we are both busy boys. We Skype almost every, which is nice. Modern relationships, you know haha… He came over to London after X-mas for a short week. It was so much fun. I had been waiting for it with soooooo much excitement in my heart, and it felt like we had just been apart two-three days not a few months.

Dino was a true gentlemen, and took in to a hotel for a few nights so that we would get a bit more privacy in the flat to enjoy one another more (thanks, hun, you are a star). It felt so nice to have someone to share things with in so many ways and he sees the innocence within me that I maybe don’t see so much anymore, which is very unusual in a town of decadence and sin, hehe. Although I do like the ‘sin’ a lot too, hehe, it’s sometimes nice to remember that we are all very innocent also, and can do things differently. It’s our choice — we don’t have to follow our past all the time.

The hubby is all good too. He just came back from a trip to New York at the beginning of the month, and also popped over to Hong Kong lately, jet-setter him. I remember when I was there ages ago: I went to a gay sauna, only Asian men, some REALLY hot and cute, others not so much… but that’s normal in any sauna, I guess, hehe. Suffice to say, me and my big willy were VERY popular there, and 7 hours later it was a very exhausted Anton who staggered back to the hotel room on the 57th floor, hehe… (thank god for lifts).


Oh btw, it sounds like Chronicles Volume II will be available this spring on the Treasure Island Media website as well. I really hope you all will like it. I added a new chapter, taking off from my last blog post till where I am now in my life, and my latest thoughts, maybe you will find it interesting, who knows hehe… Anyhow, watch for it coming this spring.

Anyhow, have an awesome New Year and may it be a good one for all of us! Let’s speak soon. Big hugs.


Yours truly,

Anton Dickson

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