I AM: Brett “Truckee” Rivers

In a big way, these interviews are as much for me as they are for you. As a new employee to Treasure Island, and working out of our New York City office, there is so much that goes on and so many people I’ve only heard of, that it’s still exciting and scary when I get to talk to them. Brett was a pure pleasure.

Brett: Hey Julian! I’m outside, so sorry if it gets loud.

Julian: I can hear you fine. Thanks for taking the time! I don’t think we’ve ever spoken before.

B: No, I don’t think so, haha.

J: Well, it’s nice to meet you. How about you tell me a little about yourself?

B: Yeah, sure. Okay, I was born in the Bay, and raised here mostly. My family is from South America, and they went back for a bit when I was younger. I think I went to middle school over there. Anyway, I came back eventually. Then I went to art school for 3D modeling and visual effects.

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J: That sounds fun. So, how did you get into porn?

B: I think that it was something that was always in the back of my head. If most gay men are honest with themselves, they would probably admit that they’ve fantasized about doing porn before, right? But that was all it was for me until I became poz. When I found out, I just decided “fuck it.” I applied at Treasure Island and another studio, a small startup.

J: Haha! There’s a small startup for everything, isn’t there? So, you work as a casting associate at TIM. What do you look for when you’re casting models?

B: I think all of the casting people are looking for something a little different. I like things on a man that are out of the box. Features that aren’t usual. I don’t like the cookie cutter fantasy men that are in most porn. Not everyone has those desires, and we should try to meet as many of those attractions as possible. Physically I take everything on a case by case basis.

J: What do you look for when you’re shooting a scene? Is there something that you’re really attracted to?

B: People ask me that a lot. My camera is drawn to whatever catches my attention really. Some people have things they really focus on but I like to let things happen.

J: Yeah, Pony was saying in his interview that he’s really into faces and buttholes.

B: Haha, and it works for him. I just look for what I think will be a nice frame, and that catches the energy.

J: What is a Treasure Island shoot like from the perspective of a cameraman?

B: You know, no one has ever asked that before. For me, my first two weeks were so eye opening because I realized that this job is actually work. There are so many details that go into getting ready for a scene. Not just the logistics or whatever, but the technical and artistic details! What makes for a good frame, where are the models, who’s shooting what? Since I’ve been at this job I’ve really learned to focus. And not to belittle anything a model does, but it requires more focus than being in front of the camera. The models get to fuck however they want, doing what comes naturally. We’re thinking about the fucking the entire time, haha.

J: You’re pretty unique at Treasure Island. You were a model first and then you became a paid employee. How did you make that transition?

B: I mean, “transition” is really the most appropriate word to use. I was going through a huge time of transition in my life. There was a series of events that led to me quitting my job, being homeless, sleeping on my friends couch. My life really crumbled. While I was living on my friend’s couch, Nick [a casting associate] called me about shooting a scene. We talked, and I told him what was up. He mentioned that there was a position open and that I should apply for it. I applied, I interviewed with Matt [Mason] and then with Paul, and now I have a job.

J: You were interviewed by Paul? What was that like?

B: I must say, it was the most unique interview I’ve ever had. It wasn’t really an “interview.” What happened was that Paul picked me up at the studio, and we drove all around San Francisco. Paul was pointing out artistic and historical locations and figures. We stopped at Coit Tower, which is this tower in the City that is well known for the art inside and for the views of the city, and we talked about the most random things. I don’t even think any of it had to do with work, haha! We drove back to the studio and he told me I had the job.

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J: What has been your favorite scene to shoot?

B: Oh god. I really love the scenes where we travel, especially when we go to Las Vegas. There’s already so much sex and debauchery in that atmosphere, but add our models to the mix and you can feel the energy. Everything feels more real.

If I had to choose a particular scene, I would say my very first one from Las Vegas with Drew Sebastian. There was a line of models waiting to be shot, I forged a really nice bond with Drew, and the sex that we filmed that trip was so hot.

J: What turns you on in a man?

B: Probably their eyes. Their voice, if it’s deep. I’m really into the masculinity of a man. You can tell by their manners, charisma, the way they carry themselves.

J: What’s a turn off in a man?

B: I know this is bad, but a guy who is too flaming! A guy that is too fem.

J: What’s something that you like to do outside of sex and work?

B: Snowboarding. I love it. This year has been bad, with the weather and all. But I go when it’s an option. Otherwise, traveling is my passion. I travel whenever I can. I love exploring new cities and countries. I try to go where I have friends so they can take me to the places I wouldn’t discover as a regular tourist. That’s what I love. Exploring like a local.

J: While you were filming scenes for us, you only filmed cocksucking scenes. Was that by design or just how the cards fell?

B: Well, I do love sucking cock but in the end it was just how they casted me. Not to toot my own horn, haha, but I’ve been told that I’m not just a good cocksucker, but I also look good doing it! I guess that really matters when it’s being filmed.

J: Do you still do scenes with us?

B: Not in a while. I filmed one scene six months ago. Me getting cast for something is not my decision. That’s up to the casting director. I do know that the editors get a weird feeling whenever they’re editing a scene with me in it. They call me their “little sister,” so I understand the hesitation.

J: Do you have a porn crush?

B: Of course I do! I just can’t think of it right now, hahah!

J: Why do they call you “Truckee”?

B: My friends call me “Truckee” because I love snowboarding. Truckee is the name of a town in the Sierra Nevadas. People started calling me that a lot, and I liked it. I thought it was original and kinda trashy.

Treasure Island Media, Suck Dick Save the World 3

J: Do you have any advice for people who want to get into porn?

B: I don’t think I would call this advice but just enjoy having sex; enjoy the moment, don’t pay attention to the cameras or the production team or anything going on around you. If you love sex, it will show.

  1. can anyone please tell me what the opening credits scene of “Drunk on Cum 6” is from? It’s a 1-minute montage of Fyerfli and Truckee taking loads from several guys in a group suck (or bukkake). This is Truckee’s only appearance in DOC6 and appears to be a much longer scene. I’ve searched around trying to find this scene in other TIM titles with no luck.

  2. Fucking love a mustache on a man but your’s is too ‘gay’ for my liking. let it grow man,

  3. Hot guy. I hope he gets back in front of the camera again, soon. Him and Skeet together at the center of a cocksucking, pissdrinking, rimming/felching sleazefest would be my idea of heaven.

  4. Truckee my favorite pole smoker. Great technique, terrific stamina and handsome as well. Ultimate fantasy to have him blow me for 48 hours.

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