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I had an 18 year old twink come over last night to get his cherry popped. He is white 5’9″, 140 pounds, smooth, and seven uncut. He is a freshman at a nearby college.

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We met through Grindr, and he said he was a virgin and desperate to get his cherry popped.

He came over and I brought him to my bedroom. We both got naked and made out. I then laid him on his back and put his legs in the air so I could tongue fuck his virgin boy hole.

I ate his cunt out for about ten minutes as well as licked his taint and sucked on his cock and balls. He really was loving the attention to his ass.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

After getting him slick and horned up from eating him out, I lubed up my cock and his hole and slid inside his warm virginal cunt without a condom. There is not much like fucking a virgin hole bareback.

He was loving it and not in much pain. As I was fucking him, I told him that now that he was no longer a virgin, he had a duty to share his hole with lots of tops. He took it like a champ and I fucked him for about ten minutes when he requested that we cum together.

I agree and quicken my pace and flood his hole with my seed shortly after he jerks his load all over his chest.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

We clean up and he dresses and goes home no longer a virgin.

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