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When the HusPig and I first decided to take things beyond just being fuck buddies there was an additional component which I needed to factor into the equation. You see, he is a puppy owner and already has a pup which he calls his own, Patch. Patch is already one of Paul’s Marked Men so, apart from the fact that we are both dirty fuckers, that gave us another good starting point to bond on. If I was to view it from a heterosexual perspective then I guess I was accepting patch as a Step-Son (but one that I could fuck with!). This kind of balances up the fact that I also come pre-packaged with my own family unit. It may surprise a lot of you to know that I am myself a father of three very switched on teenagers.

Now, I have always considered myself to be in touch with the animalistic side of my nature and for a long time had longed to be part of a hierarchical group of guys. I revere the pack mentality! Gaining entry into existing packs however is difficult. As a result I found myself being a bit of lone wolf. Running alongside and playing with packs which I came across but always feeling like the outsider. It seemed however that the pack found me without me having to look. I have much to learn though and the world of wolves, owners, packs and puppy boys is one of rules, obedience and a convoluted game to work out the pecking/pissing order.

At Christmas, for various reasons we could not see Patch and this kind of left a bit of a void in our celebrations. I am only just getting used to the idea of this being a three way relationship but as a result, when he is absent things just feel wrong. So we decided to have a second Christmas, just for the three of us exactly one month later. This weekend however also happened to fall on the London CumUnion event which I would be performing a live sex show at. Being a nervous puppy Patch is not a fan of crowded spaces and as much as I wanted him to come along to the party to see me play on stage he sadly had to stay home. But, as it happened, I managed to take some of him along with me instead.

HusPig controls Patch by limiting how much he is allowed to cum when he is not with us. Because we had not seen him for over four weeks he had also not been allowed to cum during that period! By the time he arrived at our place he was almost bursting at the seams. That night, the Huspig left for a night shift and Patch and I spent the evening catching up and watching movies. This was the first time we had been left alone for a night together and Patch had been told he was to give me his load.

In this pecking order Patch is the Omega Puppy, I am the Beta and the HusPig is the Alpha. For those who don’t understand this arrangement it means that we both have to obey the wishes of the Alpha. I can tell the Omega what to do, provided it does not contravene the wishes of the Alpha and the Omega cannot ask to do anything. Of course, I was being an unbelievable asshole and left him hanging on all night, desperate to breed my hole. I reached a point when I could not stand my own game any more, but in a twist or pure sadism teased his hole with my spit moistened cock. I then rimmed him slowly and deep, teasing his puckered butt-hole with my beard and meaty tongue. Apart from The Huspig breeding Patch upon his arrival I knew he had not been fucked in well over a month. His whimpers told me he was ready for my cock. My cock told me to stop fucking around and get down to business!

From a Top perspective I find it difficult to cum from fucking and as a rule I generally fuck for hours before I manage to break the mental block preventing me form emptying my sack. As I gradually pushed my cock into Patch’s tight, moist, and eager hole I heard him yelp gently. I slowed my entry and let him adjust. His ass felt fucking amazing! As I pushed deeper I could feel his sphincter tightening and relaxing around my shaft. I felt like I was being milked and I had not even got all the way in yet. He was looking over his shoulder back at me. Intense puppy eyes and a wicked smile framed by his bright red beard. I had got balls deep and his eyes flashed a mixture of pain and encouragement. As I withdrew he clamped down on me, his arse muscles creating a rippling effect up and down my cock. It was like his ass was wanking me off! I pushed in again and built up rhythm. His hole continuing to massage me as I changed my angle of attack to find his prostate. I could tell that if he carried on doing what he was doing I was going to shoot very quickly! His hole stopped shivering and I heard him gasp out. I’d found his sweet spot and I gently pounded away at it for a while to remind him who was in control here. But it wasn’t long before he had gained his composure and was once again milking me whilst I fucked him. I couldn’t hold onto my load much longer and the intensity of my orgasm shocked me. I screamed as I unloaded and the Pup milked my cock even harder, ensuring he squeezed every drop of cum from my cock. I was both impressed and mildly irritated at how quickly he had made me cum. It would seem that Patch is quite the accomplished bottom.

He grinned eagerly at me. The look was one of gratitude and anticipation. I knew he wanted to return the favour but I told him that I wanted the HusPig to see him breed me when he came home from his shift. He would have to wait another few hours before he could finally unload that months worth of cum. He looked frustrated but I could tell he knew this was my way of asserting some authority. We drifted off to sleep to be woken shortly after by the HusPig turning the bedroom light on. It was 6.30am. When the HusPig found out I had not yet taken Patch’s load he looked disapprovingly at me and ordered patch to fuck me there and then. Patch didn’t need telling twice and was on top of me quicker than a greyhound after a rabbit. I might add that Patch is not a small boy in the trouser department and his cock has a interesting bend in it, meaning he hits you in places other cocks rarely hit. So, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes Patch finally managed to shoot his load and I can assure you it was a mother of a load! No sooner had he pulled out, grinning and panting like a overexcited puppy, was he replaced by the HusPig who pounded Patches load deeper into me before he added his own. My walk to work that morning was one of clenched cheeks but by mid morning I had a sizeable wet patch in the seat of my pants.


That night, as I prepared for my show at CumUnion, they ganged up on me with their encore and sent me off with another couple of loads up my guts so that I was Pre-Lubed with the seed of my pack. Meaning that whilst they were not there in person they were at least there in essence.


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  1. With this post you are giving all us a lesson of being truth to ourselves! Thanks!

    1. “Switched on” is British slang for Streetwise.
      They know their Dad works in the Gay porn industry and think its cool as fuck!

        1. They are teenagers (11, 13 and 14) but not quite old enough to move in the same direction as Dad yet. We openly talk about sex, drugs, gay culture, contraception, STI’s etc. I would rather they learnt these things from me than some ignorant, opinionated and inexperienced yob from school.

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