Life After Porn : Controversial Blue Bailey Talks HIV And Barebacking

Blue Bailey Viral Loads

Written by David-Elijah Nahmod at Edge On The Net

In Treasure Island Media’s shocker of an XXX film “Viral Loads,” gay porn star Blue Bailey allows a jar of white liquid to be poured into his body. The film horrified as many people as it titillated. Viral Loads has been accused of fetishizing HIV.

Bailey, 27, who is now in the process of moving away from the porn biz as he prepares to attend law school, spoke to SFGN intelligently and matter-of-factly about his status as an HIV positive porn star with no qualms about indulging in risky on-camera behavior.

Tell us about your off-camera self?

Unfortunately, I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I hated living there, and moved to go to school in San Francisco as soon as I graduated. In terms of coming out, I see three stages: Being gay, testing positive and doing porn. My family has always been open minded, so coming out as gay was a non-issue. My mom goes out to the gay clubs with her gay best friends.

Does your family know that you did porn?

I never intended on telling my family that I did porn. I broke up with a guy, and he decided to get in touch with my dad afterwards and told him about my other job. I preemptively reached out to my mom so she could hear the news from me. Again, my family is very open, and while this was not their preferred route for me, they are accepting and supportive of whatever I do. My mom was even my date this last year for the Hustlaball in Las Vegas.

What brought you to porn? Did you enjoy the sex or was it just work?

A fuck buddy of mine did porn, and he approached me about doing a scene for the company he worked for. For the most part I enjoy the sex, but at times it can certainly be work. My last [partner] would vacillate from monogamous to open, back and forth, and porn certainly offered a way to have sex with hot guys outside of my relationship. As I switch gears away from porn, I’m really only picking scenes that seem fun and enjoyable to me. I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do in porn. I don’t regret my porn career, but the reality of the situation is that others may not be as accepting of this career as I am.

Do you have second thoughts about appearing in films of that nature as opposed to films with condoms?

I absolutely do not have second thoughts about making bareback porn. I prefer to play bareback in my personal life, so filming bareback is a natural expression of my sexuality. On the contrary, while it is not my preference, I am not opposed to playing with condoms. Being HIV positive and undetectable, I have little to fear other than occasional minor STI infections. However my partners may not feel the same. I approach sex at a level that is consensual and all comfortable for both and/or all parties.

What do you say to people who condemn the film “Viral Loads”?

I am a sex positive and a sex conscious individual. I chose to be part of that scene knowing that nothing posed a serious risk to my health. It provides a fantasy outlet to enjoy the bareback experience from afar. One can participate masturbatorily without any risk to their health. The videos created for porn are created for fantasy. I find it amusing that as a porn model, I have to deal with the stereotype of people assuming I’m vapid and uneducated, and at the same time held as a sexual educator for youth. The causation argument that bareback viewership causes bareback participation is unproven. People don’t usually go out and mass murder people after a slasher movie. For one that does, I think the problem is much deeper rooted than his or her media viewing habits.

Do you think your porn career might affect your future relationships or any mainstream career?

I don’t think my porn career would affect my future relationships. I am not built for monogamy and do not seek out a partner that is. I would think that a partner who is open sexually and/or polyamorous would not mind that I have done porn. As for affecting my legal career, I don’t think my porn past will have a negative affect. I do not plan to work in politics or government.

What draws you to the legal profession and what kind of law do you want to practice?

I will be starting law school next month at UC Hastings in San Francisco. I studied Broadcast and Electronic Communication Art at SF State originally wanting to work in video and media production. I took an elective course in Law and Regulation of broadcast media and discovered that I liked that aspect of media much more than production. I’d like to specialize in entertainment law or work in broadcast regulation, particularly with First Amendment rights. This is an area of the law where my porn career may really work to my benefit.

How do you keep yourself healthy?

I take my meds regularly, go to the gym six days a week, and I try to eat healthy. The last part is probably the most difficult, because I like to eat a lot.

  1. “I find it amusing that as a porn model, I have to deal with the stereotype of people assuming I’m vapid and uneducated, and at the same time held as a sexual educator for youth.” – This times a million.

  2. Hastings seems a first class choice, with a great location in downtown SF. Blue will be welcome in the OUTLAW club.

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