Are you a SLAVE or a MASTER? Presenting SLAVE – Submissive Parfum

Slave Submissive Parfum by Matthew Camp

Are you a SLAVE or a MASTER? Now you can be versatile. We’ve added another new custom fragrance to our assortment of products here at Treasure Island Media. Slave– Submissive Parfum is designed by Matthew Camp exclusively for TIM. This isn’t your typical weak-ass cologne from a fashion company. This is a Paul Morris fragrance, and you know he doesn’t fuck around! SLAVE is for the man who knows his place!

SLAVE Submissive Parfum

SLAVE is a very concentrated male perfume that lasts for several hours, but its a manly scent worth of the butchest dudes you know. You may have to try it to believe it, but its secret ingredients trigger something in the Alpha brain. Something aggressive, wicked, and arousing as hell.

SLAVE is only one of the new TIMGear products launched this year, including a new line of sporty and sexy TIMGear jocks and briefs. The new custom fragrance also complements the presence of the bestselling MASTER – Dominant Parfum by Matthew Camp in the online store, which combines a not-so-subtle leather presence, cedar, and a gritty undertone of man musk. For a complete list of new products, visit

Master Dominant Parfum by Matthew Camp

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