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Rob Yaeger, otherwise known as “Yaegerman” is a ginger maniac and we love him. The self-described “omnisexual porn guy” knows his role as a masculine seeder and breeder. While most of our TIM Studs went through the normal application process, Yaegerman was simply selected from his popular Xtube profile. Read more from this ripped bisexual breeder below and look out for him in Max Sohl’s upcoming SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP next week. Follow Him On Twitter For Daily Updates!

TIM: How did you get started working at Treasure Island Media?

Rob Yaeger: I was on Manhunt back in 2012 and one of Max’s scouts found my profile.  At that time, I had already gained a very substantial following on Xtube as “Yaegerman”. I also advertised the fact that I did porn in my Manhunt profile.  I had also been escorting a lot since 2010, and I was trying to get myself more professional porn work.  So I was definitely happy to get noticed.  Up until that point I had gotten jerked around by a lot of people who said they had “connections to the industry,” which were, of course, total bullshit.  It also didn’t help that I live in NYC and there is not nearly as much of a porn biz here as there is out west. So Max’s scout found me and asked if I wanted to do a solo vid with Max Sohl.  It involved me fucking a pumpkin, which is totally unforgettable!  Everyone was happy with my performance… after all, if I could get it up for a pumpkin, obviously I’d have no trouble with a person who turns me on.

I didn’t follow the usual application procedures.  I basically proved myself by fucking a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Fucker Rob Yaeger

TIM: You’ve appeared in SUCK IT, BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS and the SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP Series by Max Sohl (cumming out in full-length DVD and DTO format on March 25th ). What has been your favorite scene to shoot so far and why? 

Rob Yaeger: My favorite TIM experience so far has been SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP.  I loved how straightforward and insanely horny it was.  Alex Kaine was very much my type, with an athletic, mostly smooth body and rocking ass.  And it really matched the way I have sex with a lot of guys in my personal life.  It was just march in, find a hot naked slut on a couch, pleasure my dick in his hole for a little while then blast my nut right up his ass-pussy.  No conversation, no story line, no exchanges.  Just me doing my masculine seeder thing like I naturally do and getting my DNA into a hungry hot boy.  It was so natural and hot.  I also loved it because it played directly to my strengths without compromise or explanation.  That scene epitomizes what I’m good at, and I hope there are more scenes like it in the future, with plenty more guys.  Because to be honest–and without bragging–I’m pretty damn good at it.


 TIM: What do you mean by “omnisexual” porn guy? Please go into sordid details!

As I think my answers make it clear, I am a sexually omnivorous creature.  I love fucking.  Gender doesn’t get in my way.  I love pussies and asses and mouths.  I’m like a USB connector: You can stick me in anything! I like spreading my cum to men, women and trans people and being needed for it.  That’s what I mean by omnisexual.  I don’t limit myself to a particular “orientation” or the troublesome “extra stuff” that comes along with any category.  Rather, I simply know what I like, and I embrace the fact that it changes and flows as time moves on.

 I also call myself a “porn guy” because porn really means a lot to who I am.  I am a sexual performer.  For better or worse, I don’t really have sex for romance or intimacy.  For years and years now, my sex has been about showing off to others.  I get off on the show, the knowledge that people are excited watching my masculine power unfold on my object.  And I like having a reputation as a proud stud/slut who is not afraid to fuck as many people as he wants to.  For me, sex and porn is about being seen, not about hiding or being ashamed. And the idea of monogamy is insane to me!

image (8)

TIM: What is it like to work for Max Sohl and the TIM crew?

Rob Yaeger: TIM shoots with Max and the guys are always a total pleasure.  There’s never an ounce of drama and I feel completely respected and admired for my abilities.  Max is a pure delight to work with and I love the way he encourages and reinforces me.  He knows what I’m capable of and brings out great performances from me.  I love the fact that he can sense my omnisexuality, too.  He always notices that I know how to position myself so the camera can see my dick penetrating an ass in the best way.  He says: “You do straight porn, don’t you?”  And of course I do.  I love that he can sense that stuff.  He knows I’m a born breeder and he puts me to good use in my role.

 Another thing I love about Max & Co. is that his sets are always really well organized and efficient.  We show up, everyone knows what to do and we shoot a killer scene.  We don’t waste time or wait around.  Organization is a huge plus in porn, and Max delivers that in spades.  Not to mention an amazing eye for horny ass sex.

4. What’s your ultimate fantasy?

Rob Yaeger: Wow, that’s a hard question since I have so many.  But they all have a common theme: Multi-fucking several people (men and women) at the same time and spreading my load into all of them.  One theme on this fantasy is breeding a man or woman while another person is under me gently stroking and licking my balls.  Then I bust a load just inside the ass/pussy and the creampie drips into the hungry one’s mouth beneath me.

 The other theme is just wrecking three or four guys or girls at the same time, stacking them on top of each other and fucking each hole sequentially, like a tower.  Then, after I’ve had my pleasure and it’s time to cum, equally distribute my squirts into each one.

 Grrrrr, now I’ve gotten hard writing this!

image1 (2)

TIM: If you could bang anyone in porn, who would it be and why?

Rob Yaeger: Another great question that takes account of my omnisexuality.  For guys, right now I’m totally Twitter-stalking Casey Tanner.  I’m an unapologetic twink slayer and Casey is just so fucking adorable, small, smooth and sexy to me.  I like to focus my masculine sexual powers on objects that are much smaller and slighter than me, and I just know I could completely crush and dominate Casey with my muscles and rock-solid dick.

Among TIM veterans I really love Shane Frost. We were together in Breeding Marcus Isaacs and damn, he was a hot dude.  I hope we can work together in the future.

As far as women go I fucking love Amia Miley.  I remember she followed me on Twitter years ago and I got insta-hard.  She’s petite with a beautiful ass, tight body and a horny attitude to boot.  It’s hard to find women who are as horny and unabashed about sex as gay men, but somehow Amia conveys that to me.  Attitude from women is such a turn-off to me, and I feel Amia doesn’t have any.

 And let’s not forget trans people, either!  Sami Price is seriously hot and I can’t wait to do a scene with her some day.

TIM: Besides sex, what are you passionate about? What do you spend your off hours doing?

Rob Yaeger: A lot of things!  I had wanted to get into porn for years earlier in my life but I was following a much different path.  I actually have a higher degree but wasn’t satisfied in the places it was leading me.  Several years ago, my partner of 16 years suffered a near-fatal accident and I had to become his full-time caretaker.  What used to be a thriving, polyamorous sexual relationship between us disappeared overnight.  So that’s when I got into escorting and porn, to fill the massive sexual void I lost when my partner’s libido vanished.  Taking care of him as he ages is a big passion of mine.  It’s not easy, but nothing meaningful ever is.

I’m also a huge history fan and I read history books all the time, as well as German philosophy and Russian novels.  That also leads me to write a lot.  I’ve tried my hand at writing essays and things, but I’ve never had the guidance I’ve needed to really make that a career.  Maybe in the future it will be.

 Finally, I am a total video game nerd.  When I’m not working, I like to slap on the headphones and fight online wars.  Somehow, though, it’s really sexual: Hunting people down in a war game and watching things explode reminds me of how I get when I’m out, wolf-like, tracking down ass.

 TIM: Cut or Uncut?

 Rob Yaeger: Cut!  I can’t do anything about the fact that I was born in a country and at a time when everyone circumcised their kids. Surprisingly, I’m not really into dicks myself.  I am seriously all about ass, and looking at a dick alone doesn’t do anything for me erotically.  I know that probably sounds weird… it’s just how I’m wired. But I do like looking at dicks attached to hot guys as they really fuck another person I find hot.

TIM: Do you ever get special attention for being a hot ginger? Do you like it? 

Rob Yaeger: I ALWAYS get special attention for being a ginger.  Escorting clients specially request me for it.  Guys drool over my red pubes when I dance naked at gogo shows or sex shows.  I guess I’m just lucky that gingers really do it for some people.  I never thought of myself as being anything special to look at, though, and the attention is always welcome.

TIM: Anything else you wanna tell our/your fans?

Rob Yaeger: What I’d like to say to the fans is thank you.  Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase my abilities, and thank you for the support you give me as I make my way through porn-land.  I can assure everyone that I am doing my best to keep on delivering my special brand of intense breeding to as many people who want to take it.  I love that TIM understands me and is helping me deliver that to a broader audience. I am excited about branching out and doing a lot more work.  I am in this for the long haul, and I can’t wait to see where the path leads.

  1. Rob Yaeger is soooo HOT!!!. I would DEFINITELY love for him to fuck, seed, breed, and feed me his hot load at anyway he wants.

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