Pornographic film performers were in Universal City Monday to protest the industry mandated regulations in Proposition 60.

Proposition 60, the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, would require actors to use condoms in all scenes that involve intercourse.

“It’s easy to project sexual fears and problems onto the porn industry because we’re a very easy target,” said Ela Darling, adult film actor and president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

Performers say the initiative leaves the adult film industry vulnerable to lawsuits from the general public and allow outside access to their personal information.

“I am terrified of what might happen. I have people who threaten to rape me, who threaten to slit my throat, who threaten to kill my dog,” Darling continued.


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is among Prop 60’s greatest supporters.

Former adult film actor Derrick Burts says the industry’s current condom regulations failed to keep him from contracting HIV back in 2010.

“It was confirmed by L.A. County Public Health officials that I worked with two known positive people in just a period of six months,” Burts said.

Burts says the adult film industry has to realize that it is no different than other industries when it comes to safety.

“Just as a surgeon has to wear gloves or a construction worker has to wear hard hat, they as performers since they are employees, have to wear condoms. It’s already law, state mandated,” Burts explained.


Mandatory condom use in adult films is currently a requirement due to Los Angeles County’s Measure B passed in 2012.

However adult film permits have plummeted, and adult film star Michael Weinman also notes that currently, producers purposefully avoid the law and safety regulations.

“It’s not going to make us safe because the industry will be forced to go underground where we have no regulations. There’s no possible way that’s gonna make anyone here safe,” Weinman stated during the protest.


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