By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Legendary gay porn star and director Damon Dogg is back but this time, he is joined by T.I.M’s very own Dice to co-direct an army of studs who deliver one of the hottest and raunchiest gay porn productions of the year in Treasure Island Media’s gay DVD porn release, ‘This Is You’ [2017].  This is the latest gay porn bareback release from the iconic Treasure Island Media empire and is available now.

The publicity department at Treasure Island Media told JRL CHARTS that Paul Morris is extremely excited to release This Is You [2017] under the T.I.M gay porn label. In his directorial debut, Treasure Island Media’s very own Dice collaborates with the legendary Damon Dogg to document men having sex in Louisiana and Seattle, and all parts in between.

The new gay porn bareback movie features an all-star lineup such as Hugh Hunter, Tony Bishop, Justin Case, Eli Cumming, Ryan Cummings, Jadyn Daniels, Dolf Dietrich, Timarrie D’John Baker, Ashton Ducati, Grant, Logan Jacobs, Matt, Kyle Moon, Matt Muck, Adam Ragan, Taylor Reign, Rex, Satine Romanov, Aleks Ryder, Silver, Braxton Smith, Diego Tovar and Leo Vega.

Early on, men have to make a choice: am I gonna kill my fellow men or am I gonna fuck ‘em? If you’re a fan of TIM, you’ve chosen the latter — “make love, not war” as the glorious hippies said long ago — and we applaud your wisdom, brothers! You may like to dominate, you may need to submit. You might have a life-load of semen bursting non-stop out of your swinging dick and udder-heavy ballsack. Or you might have learned the bliss of layin’ back and opening your holes to any taker, a holy man submitting to all the gods who walk the earth.”

Dice added…”We at T.I.M, live to support and document man’s highest evolutionary choice: fuck men, have sex wherever, whenever, however you can get it. If you recognize yourself in these words, well, my friend, that’s because This is You.” said Dice.

Cast: Hugh HunterTimarrie D’John Baker | Justin Case | Kyle Moon | See Full Cast

Genres: Bareback | Threesomes | Tattoos | Blowjobs | Anal | Leather | BDSM

Directed by: Damon Dogg | Dice

Produced by: Paul Morris

Production co: Treasure Island Media

Distributed by: New Barbary Coast

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 107 Minutes

Release date: June 2, 2017

Consumers can purchase ‘This Is You‘ on DVD or Download-to Own at Treasure Island Media Online Store.