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Chemistry. Every one of the scenes in RAW DOGGING has an undeniable chemistry between the men as they fuck and breed. There are big cocks. Cut and uncut. White men. Black men. Latin men. Whore hole bottoms happiest when they have a hard rod up their ass. 

It also has Treasure Island’s first puppy scene.

Don’t know anything about puppy culture? You are about to find out! 

Featuring NUTSDEEPBB in his bareback debut. Uncut ginger LEANDER with the return of CAEDON CHASE. JASON COX getting tag-teamed by DEEP DICC and LEON HOLT. Real life boyfriends BLAZE AUSTIN and ROMAN MAVERICK. RIKK YORK royally fucked by FX RIOS and DAMIEN VASQUEZ. HANS BERLIN’s request fuck from 8th Wonder of the World: ESTEBAN’s cock. And a pack of dogs so hot – ya gotta see them to believe them – masters JONAH FONTANA and ALEKS BULDOCEK with their puppies LORENZO FLEXX and TYLER GRIZ. 

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