Our Very First FTM Feature!

Boy pussy, butt pussy, who cares? It’s all bussy, just fuck it and suck it!

Bussy, our newest fuck film, is a soon-to-be classic and our first ever FTM fuck film featuring some of the hottest trans dudes in the business right now. Treasure Island Media has never shied away from breaking boundaries, and this film is no exception. 

If FTM porn has always piqued your interest, see how its done the TIM way and you’ll never look back. Peep the trailer below, and check back next Wednesday, January 29th to watch the first scene on TIMFUCK.

The first scene premieres only on the TIMPASS channel TIMFUCK, so you’ll need a membership to see the brand new scenes as they’re being released.

Not a Member yet? Be the first to know about upcoming movie releases, and receive exclusive discounts with a TIMPASS or TIMPASS+ membership!

  1. Nobody:

    Absolutely Nobody:

    TIM: I think i’ll release a straight porn.

    This should be titled Treasure Island Studios releases it’s first straight porn dvd. There isn’t anything gay about this. OH and it’s not a “bussy” it’s just a regular old pussy.

  2. I would like to say that, you are going in the right direction of inclusivity for not just so-called normal guys with cocks, balls and assholes, it’s good to see that you are now including guys with pussies, as a Non Conforming Non-Binary Fem bottom Guy, I would have liked to have had surgery to have a pussy of my own so other guys can fuck me, all I can say to you, Keep up the good work, don’t listen to those that say you’re straying away from Gay Porn, in fact the Bi Porn that you’ve had released a few years ago, Bi Adventure, it would have been good to see he guys fucking each other as well as the women in the video.

    But now to include actual Tran Guys with pussies, there needs to be more FTM Trans Porn out there so they don’t miss out either.

    From Mark in Hot and Humid Brisbane Australia.

    1. Says who? Ok you’re right. So don’t watch it.
      I think it’s great that marginalized people can fuck eachother. And give the whining types more to whine about. You whine, I’ll rub one out.

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