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Do you remember your first seedy motel? Was it your prom night, or a midnight stop off the highway after a long day of diving? Do you remember the lingering smell of stale cigarette smoke perfuming the artificially frosted air of your rented room? The feeling of freedom to be your most unhinged, sexually liberated self…

Seeders is a film about these spaces. The seedy, dingy, motels you rent by the hour just to fuck and get fucked in.

Directed by I. Que Grande, this will be his first FULL feature with Treasure Island Media.

Put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door and watch the trailer for Seeders now. It premiers on TIMFUCK  October 21st, so sign up for a TIMPASS today to see all the dirty deeds on display.

This title will be available next week on TIMFUCK.

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