Oh My God That’s Big!

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you find yourself bent over and you feel every inch of a never-ending huge dick sliding into your ass? If you’re an eager and thirsty bottom it’s probably: OH MY GOD THAT’S BIG!

Big dick after dick, these bottoms came to take every large cock they can handle and then some.

Our new movie from director I Que Grande’s features sexy Latin bottom ALESSIO VEGA showcasing extraordinary talent for taking big cock and milking them dry! SEAN DURAN and BUTTA NUTT double fucks Alessio and blow loads inside of him before his big encore taking on five hung guys.

Newcummers ZANE TAYLOR and JUSTIN BERRY quickly rise through the ranks demonstrating an amazing ability to power bottom for PARKER LOGAN, NICO BELLIC and TEDDY FOREST.

OH MY GOD THAT’S BIG! is classic Treasure Island, loaded with big New York City dicks and cum shots that leave every asshole loaded and leaking.

Scene 1

Alessio Vega is one hell of a bottom. We brought in Sean Duran and Butta Nutt to try and quench Alessio’s thirst. After sucking and riding both Sean and Butta’s thick cocks, Alessio asks for more. That’s when Sean takes charge and shoves his cock in Alessio while Butta is fucking him and drops a huge load inside.

Scene 2

Parker Logan and Nico Bellic come ready to fuck as we set out to test Zane Taylor’s bottoming skills. We weren’t sure Zane would be able to handle these two big dicks, but the men didn’t give him much choice… and he took them like a champ.

Scene 3

This isn’t the first time Nate Stetson has taken Esteban’s huge, uncut dick, but this is definitely the best time! Nate came ready to prove himself as a power bottom taking every inch of Esteban deep inside his hungry hole and milking it good.

Scene 4

Teddy Forest sits back and relaxes as Justin Berry sucks on his thick dick. The only thing on Teddy’s mind is how is Justin going to possibly take his cock? When Teddy’s finally ready he slowly slides his dick inside Justin’s tight ass and the rest is history.

Scene 5

Dolf Dietrich wanted a big dick for his next scene with us. Butta Nutt showed up, dropped his pants and Dolf was on his knees swallowing that cock while rubbing his hole. Butta takes control of Dolf and fucks him passionately before unloading deep inside of Dolf’s ass.

Scene 6

Seth and Elio Knight love to watch each other fuck a nice bottom. Dylan Rizder came through ready to get his hole wrecked. Seth and Elio take turns fucking Dylan’s mouth and ass as he cries in pleasure. When they are done using him, both of them load Dylan up and leave him dripping.

Scene 7

Have you ever had Five Guys before? Alessio Vega has… and we have the proof. Alessio is back and this time he is not leaving without a proper ass fucking. Two dicks were not enough for him so we sent out for recruits: Atlas Grant, Parker Logan, Nico Bellic, Teddy Forest, and Jason Cox.

One by one these brutal tops pound Alessio’s ass before they gang up and start double penetrating him. Being the greedy bottom he is, Alessio gets not one but two loads out of every top and finally looks satisfied.

TIMFUCK is the premiere breeding site from Treasure Island Media. Bringing you brand new bareback every week and full movies every month.

  1. I have just discovered the trailer and yet another film from the Treasure Island Media studio which promises to be spectacular. What’s incredible is how well the studio knows how to reinvent itself to offer even more beautiful and sexier films every time. Congratulations to the actors and the teams for all this talent and this superb job done to perfection.

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