Breeding On The Go || A Guide To Mobile Fuck Buddy Apps

It is well known that we, as gay men, have always had a much more difficult time finding a Friday night date or random hook-up partner compared to our heterosexual counterparts.  We cruise parks, place personal ads in the paper or craigslist, or even tap our foot a few extra times underneath a bathroom stall just to find another horny fucker who wants to get off. However, with the advancements in technology and everyone now carrying a smartphone, finding a like-minded guy, a quick blowjob, or an anonymous hotel cumdump, has never been easier. Mobile dating apps (which in gay language means mobile fucking apps) have become a daily routine for all of the true sluts out there, including myself. Here are some of the latest and most popular ones that you might want to download, so that the next time you’re out and your dick takes control, you can quickly find the release to fulfill your needs….


When it comes to mobile dating and gay hook-up apps, there is one app that is synonymous with the gay trend, and that is Grindr. Started in 2009, Grindr quickly changed the idea and way gay men dated and found hot guys to hook up with. Using location-based technology through your smartphone, Grindr allows you to see users that are near you who are looking to connect with other men.  By having private conversations, sending private photos, or blocking certain people that you don’twant fuck or have them fuck you, Grindr gives you the largest platform to find that Mr. Right (or Mr. Right-now) fuckbuddy. This app allows you to seek out dates, search out a late night hook-up, or even make friends with that guy at the bar that you always see out, but are too scared to approach in person. Some of the main complaints that users have with Grindr are that you are only allowed to have one profile picture, you are unable to save conversations that you have with other guys, and you are unable to see guys that are not near you. However, with users in nearly 200 countries worldwide, Grindr will remain the number one app to find a hot guy for a long time.


This is a warning to Grindr…you better step up your game because Hornet is trying to fuckyou…and not in a good way. Till now, very few apps have been able to have any sort of deep impact or have been able to put a dent into the fuck buddy finder market that Grindr has dominated for so long amongst horny gay men. But now, Hornet is vying to challenge Grindr, and has had great success so far.  Hornet has taken everything that users love about Grindr, but then they have added in several features that Grindr users complain should already be there. Hornet allows you to upload multiple public photos and private dick pics, you can keep personal notes and information on the guys you’ve already fucked (like how big their dick was or if he was good or not), and you can also look for guys in other areas that you might be traveling to or visiting soon. It’s perfect to line up boys in every city ahead of time. Because it is rather new, the number of users can’t compare to those of Grindr, but as the word keeps spreading about Hornet, users will quickly learn that Hornet is the app that Grindr should have been.


As this market evolves and the number of hot, horny dudes keeps growing, I’mconstantly trying to seek out different apps that are geared more towards a specific audience of gay men. This idea is how the app, Scruff, started.  Sometimes I want to find more of a man’s man, which means Scruff is more up my alley. It is certainly targeted towards the rough and masculine men, similar to those that make Treasure Island Media legendary. With similar features that both Grindr and Hornet share, Scruff is just a less popular, but a more specific way to search out that manly dude who I want up my ass.


Jack’d is another free fuck buddy finder that the makers call “a social network for gay men.” More than 1.5 million users have downloaded and signed up with Jack’d, which offers unique features such as match finder, extending profile filtering, and a favorites and followers list. Although the app is popular amongst rural areas in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Jack’d is having a difficult time gaining momentum within the larger U.S. cities due to the dominance of the other popular apps.


Every hook-up app is trying to find new and creative ways that make it stand apart from the rest. GuySpy is a new app that has added voice greetings and video messaging to their repertoire of sexy features that they claim is the best way to find that perfect guy to whose ass you want to worship.  By being able to chat through video, and by sharing not only photos, but also your voice, GuySpy users get a truly genuine understanding of the guy they are pursuing. The first time I ever used this app, I met this hot slut and we jacked off together while video chatting…so incredibly hot!!  Also, this app provides a great blog that allows its men to keep up with the best and latest stories in gay news.


If twinks and otters are not your thing, and you’re tired of people lying about their age, then you should download Mister.  If you’re looking for a hot daddyand a more seasoned pro who really knows how to fuck in bed, then Mister is for you. Mister claims that they want men who value strength, masculinity, authenticity, and maturity. I like Mister because I know I can find a real man that truly knows how to work my hole. Mister is for all types though: muscle daddies, silver daddies, bears, cubs, and jocks, so don’t be afraid to join in the fun by forming your own orgy.

Manhunt and Adam4Adam:

Manhunt is one of the longest established dating websites for gay men, which originated back in 2001.  Adam4Adam is another website that followed up closely behind.  Both sites endured years of high membership and usage by using your personal computer (Remember the days when you had to sit in front of the computer and jack-off?), but with introduction of mobile apps that allowed gay men to have the ability to cruise for guys in the palm of their hands, both Manhunt and A4A quickly lost their popularity (even though millions of men lost their loads while using them). It wasn’t until recently, however, that both sites came out with their own respective mobile apps. Now these two, once popular sites are trying to regain their momentum in the always changing and competitive gay fuck buddy finder market.

  1. A TIM app would be so cool – just make sure you do an android version !LOL

  2. Darrel and Jimbo – I can’t promise you anything but I can tell you we have been talking about and researching a mobile app… Fingers Crossed!

  3. There are so many different ones out there, but it’s dificult to know which one is the best one. However, even though it’s probably the most limiting in terms of the lack of features it offers, Grindr is still the best one because it has by far the most guys on it.

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