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Hey, guys.

So as promised this week, I’m writing to you from the big country in the West: the USA. I arrived safely to an awesome, hot and sunny California, although while walking on the beach in shorts and tank top, sweating in the sun, some teenage kids walked past wearing trousers and long sleeves. “It’s a bit chilly today,” one said to the other. Clearly they haven’t been to London — or Sweden, for that matter.

Anyhow, I met up with some of the awesome T.I.M. crew — Pony, Trevor and Nick — to create some T.I.M. magic. I got to meet hot, huuuge Italian model Luca Bondi, and together we fucked a horny bottom lad (don’t know his porn name, maybe Mitch knows). It was so fucking sexy sucking his fat cock before and after it going into the lad’s hole, and then getting to lick out his load from the hole, heehee. I’m getting a stiffy just thinking about it – yum yum.

The day after I got to fuck AWESOME power bottom and T.I.M. exclusive Jackson Taylor, another horny little Italian boy. It was a fucking hot scene, with my fat uncut cock pounding his sweet little boyhole hard. At one point I was laying back on the bed, catching my breath, and I told him to come lick my balls. He eagerly obliged, crawling up between my legs, licking and sucking my cock… Good boy, I tell you. Before I knew it, he was up riding my cock again, and then Pony helped me hold him down so I could fuck a big load up his sweet little hole.


I would sooooooo love to do a threesome scene with me and Luca Bondi taking turns on sweet boy Jackson Taylor’s horny holes… Make it happen, T.I.M.!

It has so far been a wonderful trip, and today me and my husband (some of you might have heard of him: Dean Monroe) are heading up to Las Vegas for some hedonistic fun. Then it’s West Hollywood Gay Pride weekend, so watch out, all you horny boys — Anton Dickson is in town!

After that it’s back to good old rainy Britain, but for now I better put on some sun lotion. Anyone wanna rub me up?

Here are some photos from the trip so far. Can’t wait to share more whore stories with you next week, upon my return.


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  1. yeah was soo awesome hot, he will be in London soon,
    Massimo hehe, hopefully got to do another scene with him,
    hugs anton

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