Morris’ Marked Men – Rob

Meet Rob, the latest man to join Paul Morris’ stable of Marked Men. Rob is an enthusiastic TIM Fan who is honored to be marked with his new work.

Rob had this to say about his new tatt…

“I  liked the idea of honoring TIM with a tattoo. I have enjoyed the scenes of men fucking/sucking, etc. hard that TIM documents. There are no softies at TIM, only men who wanted to go at it at full throttle. It’s raw & real, if that doesn’t stir ones cock you might want to get it checked out. 

I never considered any other location but on the edge of my pubic area, not far from my cock. Let’s face it, that is a natural setting for a TIM tattoo – Very near that engine from which we derive so much pleasure.”

Welcome to the stable of Marked Men, Rob!

Think you’re man enough to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

  1. Congratulations Rob , you really don’t know way you’ve done !!!!(or do you ? Grrrr) I echo the comments of Josh about the attention your stamp will get you, and be prepared for the men who want one it. One guy I met asked me ‘so if you use your cock on me , does that mean I’m gonna die ?” I told him ‘it does … If I ram it down your throat and hold my hands over your nose until you stop breathing” none the less, the guy went for it, got the deep throat and arse fucking he desired, and is probably still wanking over the experience of getting his guts sprayed by a TIM Marked Man. Keep it Nasty JoeUK

  2. Congratulations on getting inked with the TIM Tat Rob… welcome to the stable of devoted fans and sluts. You’re sure to get attention from it, I know mine certainly does everytime I’m at a sauna or sex club/party.

  3. Hey Rob congratulations on your new T.I.M Tat….I would luv to be one of Paul’s marked men. I would wear that Tat as a badge of honor. laying down and taking load after load sporting a T.I.M. tat

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