Meet TIGER STRIPES – The latest man to join Paul Morris’ stable of Marked Men. 

“Being one of Paul Morris’ “Marked Men,” is such an amazing thing! I never thought I would ever be able to get these tattoos, as I am not a model in the business. My exposure to T.I.M. happened one day when I was renting porn VHS tapes and walked past a small rack of tapes labeled “No Condoms.” My cock immediately started to grow and get super hard, the more I explored the choices. Sex with men, for me, is total communion, no barriers, just man2man connection. I had found my sexual Mecca.”

As the years went by, I eagerly awaited new releases from T.I.M., purchased them and then bought them AGAIN when DVD was available.  Paul Morris knew who I was. It felt very personal. When the T.I.M. tattoo started appearing on the models, it turned me on even more. Years went by and I dreamed of being marked in the same way. Through a friend, I was told to see Dustin at “Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing.” The shop, in Chicago, was right across the street from where I lived! I thought GO BIG OR GO HOME. I had virgin flesh for Dustin to use as his canvas. I didn’t know what to expect as he began. I put a spin on mine by having SDSTW on one and then 2 weeks later, the same except this one had DOC on top. I am a cum freak and to me it is the elixir of life. I want 2 more right now, one with BONE DEEP and another with PROPERTY OF PAUL MORRIS. I, in a couple of days, will get BONE DEEP but I am waiting for the permission and blessing for PROPERTY OF PAUL MORRIS. That is the respectful thing to do. Paul does own me. He owns my heart and soul as he was the first person that I felt understood me and felt very right.”

“The men of T.I.M. are fucking hot and deliver exactly what I like.  Liam, Max, and others, are, to me, soul mates. I plan on getting several of the T.I.M. tattoos, each unique in their own way. As I write this, pre-cum has left a huge, wet, mark on my jeans as I also want a MILK IT tattoo. I want to be covered in the T.I.M. logo. I am finally home. Gratefully, Tiger Stripes.”

Think you’re man enough to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

Welcome to the stable of Marked Men, TIGER STRIPES!


TIGERSTRIPES got his ink done by Dustin at Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing.  


  1. I now have four tattoos honoring TIM. One more is planned, in red, larger than the rest, on the base of my neck…”PROPERTY OF PAUL MORRIS.” The ultimate tribute.

  2. I just got 2 more tatts, total of 4 and one more “Master” tattoo…”Property of Paul Morris.”

    1. Hey Tigerstripes…Tats look fuckin hot on you. Precum leaking out of my cock just reading your story….Hope you get permission for the Property of Paul Morris. I feel the same way you do man. I just had to let you know…..And remember fuck hard, rough, raw, and bareback. That’s the only way to fuck.

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