Michael is versatile but loves to take big rugged white cock deep in his hole. His ultimate fantasy is to be pimped out by a hot white stuf for all his friends to use. Open to anything and aims to please, Michael is here for your viewing pleasure.

The proceeding is from his application, enjoy it, then go to Facebook and tell us whether he’s what you’re looking for in a

Michael’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 9″
  • [cut/uncut] => Uncut
  • [height] => 5’11”
  • [weight] => 163 lbs.
  • [hair] => Brown
  • [eye] => Brown
  • [bodytype] => Athletic
  • [ethnic] => Latino
  • [recdrug] => GHB once in a while,  done speed, it turns me into an animal, almost a total slut bottom for the right guy/s but its not a must. its also been a good 2 years since i used. I love poppers as well.
  • [fucking] =>Vers
  • [sucking] => Vers
  • [piss play] => Vers
  • [nipple play] => Vers
  • [felching] => NA
  • [fist fucking] => NA
  • [rimming] => Bottom
  • [S&M] => Bottom
  • [turn ons] => I like real men, rugged, tatted up, I say im versatile because if i find a hot twink thats down to fuck I’ll fuck him. I only let men fuck me. I dont do the little boy thing. My ideal fuck is a white boy. They get me going.
  • [turn offs] => Turn offs are fem guys. If I wanted a girl id go get one, i’ve had plenty and am done with that.
  • [fanatasy] => I started off writing about wanting a hot gang bang but honestly my TRUE fantasty is to have a hot WHITE stud that uses me and that decided to pimp me out to either his friends or make an ad and go from there. I aim to please.
  • [sexual talent] => I can take cock like no other and Im a great kisser. It sets the mood for the fuck. My fuck buds know that when they kiss me I melt to their desires. As far as everything else im defenitely an A student that learns more and more as he goes.

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  1. Throw him in a sling & let the brothers use him like the cunt he is, tearing his ass up & gagging him with their massive black cocks. Abuse this pig! He needs it.

  2. Boring, basic, and a bit of a hater (whites only? no fems?)
    Doesn’t seem like the open-minded, down-to-earth TIM slut we deserve.

  3. A TIMWhore that would turn down Jerry Stearns? No thanks, I like my pig bottoms willing to fuck whomever is hot regardless of race or age. It kind of pisses me off when they have a checklist. No thanks.

  4. Nothing special at all! I love the contradiction of him stating “open to anything”, but repeatedly stated how he was specifically turned on by “WHITE”. Plenty of other HOT guys who have put in an application and didn’t limit their preferences soley on race.

  5. Nothing really special. Nothing stands out. but whatever…..just sayin.

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