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The HusPig recently started working part time in one of the gay saunas local to us. Not that I have been avoiding them, but his starting to work in one kind of brought the whole sauna experience back to the focus of my attention. Let’s just say it has been a while. Wednesday nights at The Locker Room is party night. There are always adverts on BBRT touting a nice selection of guys looking to breed. Trawling through the BBRT listings looking for horny guys to interview for work always tugs my curiosity. I had already noticed that day that there was quite a large party list for the naked party they were hosting so it was a very pleasant surprise when I received a unexpected text off the HusPig asking if I fancied going that night. It was kind of nostalgic for us as the first time HusPig and I fucked was in a sauna and we had not returned to one since.

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I literally ran home from work and couldn’t get that shower hose up my ass quick enough. 15 minutes later we was on our way, discussing what we wanted to do. We both reached a consensus that we wanted to bottom alongside each other, both of us get off massively on seeing the other getting fucked and sharing the same cocks. When we arrived It was already pretty busy. As it was naked night none of the guys we’re wearing a towel so you could easily see what was on offer. It was like walking into a pick and mix sweet shop!

I have a big thing for older guys. I guess I am trying to milk the father/son scenario for all its worth and this night certainly gave me plenty of opportunity. Let’s say, we lowered the average age a bit when we walked in but that suited us down to the ground as most of the guys we had clocked were in shape, furry, and hung. Wasn’t long before we were on a big fuck bed with a queue of daddies taking turns to open up the pair of us. There was a crowd of guys stood around watching which made me all the more vocal; I love a good audience!

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We took a brief break for a refreshing cup of tea then went for a wander downstairs where there were some private cabins. Within a matter of minutes we was sharing a room the size of a broom cupboard with another 4 guys who were furiously spit-roasting us and periodically shifting positions so they all got a go on each of our holes. I was sweating like a glass blowers arse and my ass was leaking loads like split milk carton. I kept catching glimpses of the small puddle of jiz on the mat between my feet. When the fucking paused for a natural break I quickly dropped to my knees and slurped it up! Wasted cum is a cardinal Sin! We continued offering our holes up for breeding for another hour before we decided to call it a night.

As we left, a lad we had arranged to meet inside was just getting off his pushbike. He looked proper hot and bothered but pleased he had caught us leaving. He had cycled half way across the city after being delayed in work so he could come play with us. It would have been really cunty to have just sent him on his merry way so we brought him home with us. My hole was wet and sore but my cock was eager to fuck a hot 24 year old hole!

No sooner was the bedroom door closed and we were stripping off. HusPig sat over the lads face and slowly drizzled his harvest of cum into his mouth as I worked my tongue into his furry arse. His cock was as hard as a fucking truncheon and he was moaning and slurping like a good little piglet. I flipped him onto his knees and pushed my cock slowly into him. Huspig followed my pace and we skewered him from both ends like a sucking pig. Gotta say, being vers fucking rocks!

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Huspig nodded for us to swap ends but as I pulled out my cock was covered in his shit. I took a gamble after seeing how horned up he had been from the felching.

“Shall we go the bathroom or you just wanna carry on?” I asked, expecting him to get up. He span around and pushed his dirty ass onto Huspig’s cock whilst wrapping his mouth around mine to clean me off. ‘Oink’ moments like this don’t happen very often and the grin on my face was both broad and sleazy! I was so turned on I couldn’t hold on to my load and sprayed it down his throat within a matter of minutes. This was not the only load we gave him that night and let’s just say the play followed the same tone for the next few hours. Sometimes the filthiest sessions just catch you totally off guard!

  1. So hot, so much like what I need to tone down my hard on. You have an excellent partner!

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