Yesterday, Treasure Island Media announced that their six-  year investigation with Cal/OSHA over the use of condoms had  concluded with a whopping $685 fine for the company.

In a press release, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which initiated the investigation, tried to save face by calling it a “landmark ruling,” and it was — for the adult industry.  AHF had hoped that Cal/OSHA would consider the lack of condoms on an adult set to be a serious fine, and had pushed for fines in the tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, Cal/OSHA rebuked them.

For the past several years, Michael Weinstein has been siphoning non-profit money for a campaign of harassment, while communities in need suffer. In doing so, AHF has effectively become a lobbying organization, spending political money profligately while many people in LA and across the country die for lack of treatment. So we ask again: why is Weinstein focusing on so many millions of dollars to patrol the country’s roughly 1500 adult film workers when there is not an issue with HIV in adult film?

For those in the adult industry, there is reason to celebrate. The $685 dollar fine — the same fine that a company might get for not having a full stocked first aid kit — is precedent setting. Weinstein is free to bring more and more cases against adult companies, but the outcome is already known.

Cal/OSHA resources should be used to investigate actual workplace safety regulations brought by workers, not imagined violations of some moralist’s fevered mind. He is wasting state resources and preventing state workers from helping those in need.

Treasure Island should be applauded for their tenacity, and attorney Karen Tynan should be congratulated on a case well argued. We look forward to more such “landmark” rulings.

Diane Duke
Chief Executive Officer
Free Speech Coalition
  1. Masquerading as an altruistic provider of HIV healthcare services, while simultaneously diverting away funds for the purpose of advertising against a valid prevention mechanism, screams of fear mongering to push a hidden agenda. AHF secretly believes that the growth of their empire could be threatened if PrEP induces a successful impact in HIV prevention. AHF is clearly controlled by self-appointed sex-police who think they can dictate one mandatory prevention method rather than allowing individuals to make their own personal informed choice(s) among PrEP, TasP, and condoms. I am vehemently opposed to sex-police, dictatorships, and the fascists who lead them.

  2. Weinstein is a pathetic man whom the board of tyhe AHF should remove and fire or they are not doing thier duty as board members because the man is wasting tax money that should go for HIV/AIDS treament, research and care on his personal vendetta against the porn industry.

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