TIMJack Exclusive Scene: Darrell Bass



This week’s TIMJack soloist should be a real crowd pleaser. From the second that Darrell Bass walked into the room we knew that we were in for a real show.




You see, Darrell is the type of guy that’s just looking to get off. He’s got a beautiful cock, and he wants to use it – rightly so. He fantasizes about being a Lucky Peter…he wants to take a big ol’ cock in his hole while he’s pounding some broad.

What else can we tell you? He’s 27 years old, he’s has a six foot tall stature, weighs in at 160 pounds, oh and he’s packing an eight inch cock.

Watch Darrell jack it and shoot his load HERE.


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  1. I like a selfish Bastard, a guy who only cares about the pleasures of the flesh and nothing else. Darrell Bass got the look the feel and the touch of his jacking down to a science! Fucking Hot!

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