LUST: Volume 1

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LUST: Volume 1

Paul Morris introduces the lost and unreleased scenes from the past. Lust is a collection of newly discovered scenes from the Treasure Island Media archives.

Deep in the dusty raiders of the lost ark TIM treasure chest video vault we found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. You won’t believe what was unearthed and then you might wonder why they were never released – until now – newly edited and remastered.


Unbeknownst to those at Treasure Island Media, some of the best fell through the cracks – the most debaucherous, intense and captivating sessions. Lust features some of TIM’s biggest names from past and present, including Dawson, Derek Anthony, Christian, Dan Fisk, Brad McGuire, James Roscoe, and Jerry.

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  1. What an amazing dick Matt Walker (aka Chip Matthews) has between his legs. It is the absolute perfect size and width. Christian, being the consummate cocksucker gags on it balls deep getting it nice and wet before he sticks it in his cavernous fuck chute. Matt stretches Christian’s perfect hole giving him the kind of pounding you can almost feel through the video.


  1. Dan Fisk’s dick is a Treasure Island Media legend. Scott was a young bottom eager to be a TIM cum slut.

Dan doesn’t waste any time getting at Scott’s hole. Dressed in his finest mechanic drag, Fisk fucks the boy with just his zipper down and his cock out at full mast. You can tell Scott is in that fine line between too much pleasure and too much dick as the top man uses his hole to unload.


  1. Jonas and Seth Scott appeared in a lot of TIM scenes back in the day. Their connection together was instantaneous; their chemistry was undeniable from the moment Jonas began to suck on Seth’s heavy, cum-filled balls with a mixture of sheer animal lust and gratitude, as if the creamy nougat at the center of Seth’s thick meaty cock was the antidote to keeping him alive. Seth takes Jonas for a spin, fucking that greedy hole wide open and pounding him mercilessly before filling him up with a huge load.


  1. Drake Jackson is a hungry cum dump bottom looking to take as many loads of hot Daddy sperm as possible. Sexy Drake asked for a room full of alpha tops, and we granted it. Ben Archer, Kory Hudson, Drake Jackson, Tom McCarthy, Rick Miles, Andrew Saks, and Joe Sarge all show up to breed some good fuck hole.

The men start off sucking each other hard and then each one steps up, slides their dick into Drake’s wet hole and unleashes their baby batter mingling it with the other loads. By the end Drake is left with a huge smile on his face, and an ass full of cum.

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  1. This is a classic TIM gloryhole load taking scene. We forget what the guy’s name is, and frankly we don’t really fucking care. All he is, is an anonymous mouth and wet hole and that’s all that really matters. He knows his place in this world as a human cum receptacle. We also don’t know who the beautiful uncut cock belongs to, but that dick is happy to have found a warm crevice to get into.

This would have been this dude’s afternoon if we were there or not. A true cum pig in his most cherished environment … on his knees and bending over for sperm


  1. The only thing non-twink about the pairing of Elliot Tyler and Johnny Boheme is the huge grown-up cock between budding top boy Tyler’s legs and Johnny’s ability to take every last inch. There is something tender and unaffected about these two and how they breed. The bottom boy begs for that big dick and Elliot rams him in several different positions until they both shoot their loads.



  1. Jonas caused quite a stir in the PLANTIN’ SEED bar scene taking cock and cum atop a barstool. Here he becomes a human “Lazy Susan” being passed around from top man Jerry Stearns to his buddy Jacob Scott. Both men feed Jonas from both ends spit roasting him at all times, taking turns giving this slut all the cock he has dreamed of.



  1. Treasure Island Media rented a fuck pad and then had all the 2008 exclusives stay there for a weekend. Dawson and Christian FINALLY together in the same scene egging each other on taking dick and making out while tops Dan Fisk, Derek Anthony and Brad McGuire mount, fuck and breed. Add in James Roscoe as resident fluffer & felcher and you have a recipe for an epic nugget of a scene! At certain points you don’t know where Dawson ends and Christian begins, if it’s Derek fucking Dawson, or if it’s Dan stuffing Christian. It is sexual chaos TIM-style.

Scene 9: BONUS – Behind the Fucking

If you ever wondered what kind of things TIM men get up to off camera before and after filming you are going to dig this documentary Real Porn Stars of Treasure Island Media episode “Behind the Fucking”. Mostly shot in the house that TIM rented, Damon Dogg and the guys are waiting for Dawson to get back from the gym to start filming the Dawson and Christian fuck scene.

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  1. I will definitely add this to my T.I.M. porn stash…I love the title LUST…I always lust after a nice hard cock…LOL. Oh fuck all the pleasure that cums from cock. Yes all of us horny men LUST after cock……To all the HOT T.I.M. men out there…Stay Hard, Fuck Hard and Cum often…And to Paul Morris – Master of Porn, Thanks to you and all of the Cast and Crew @ T.I.M. And I hope that you always stay true to you fans…..

  2. L.U.S.T. looks freakin’ hot! It got kind of the dark back alley seedy shit a guy like me goes after where men don’t give a shit about anything but getting off, getting filled and jizzing up! I’m a huge fan!

  3. WOW! That is so hot, of course it is a trailer, but I doubt to buy for too many dudes pulling out to ejaculate. Love your web and the dirty sex but want to see dudes injecting their jizz(watching the top’s perineum contractions while inside the bottoms’ ass)…

  4. Its a cinch that these “lost” scenes have to be better than the current crop of shit produced by TIM (mostly undirected amateurs with bad lighting, shitty photography and no editing)

  5. Oh, my fucking GODS!!

    I read all the synopses, and found myself panting!

    Yes, I cannot wait for Volume I of L. U. S. T. to be released!!

    Thank you.

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